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Local teacher donates kidney to student 


There's a fifty six year old guy and Fort Lauderdale his name is Neil is diagnosed with kidney disease mecca, two thousand one, two years ago. He found out he needed a kidney transplant. So last year things got desperate. They couldn't find anyone who could donate and he was getting bad. His daughter's first grade teacher said she would donate Alison Maluku. Her husband Jason actually donated a kidney to someone else about ten years ago. So she knew what the process was all about. But when she got tested turned out, she wasn't a match either. But then a preschool teacher, Neil. Named what? Yeah. The preschool teacher that Neil new name Brittany. There's, there's a story here. He's got to stay. Brittany secretly got tested, and she was the only problem her kid. He was too small for Neil, so she set up what's called a chain donation. Okay. Were they? So I, she donated kidding someone in Boston. Then in return, Neil got a kidney from someone in California, and then the chain reaction caused four people's lives to be saved. Wow. Wow. That's awesome. But remember the first teacher who wasn't a match even though she couldn't help Neill, she still wanted to donate two minutes later. She kicked off another chain donation that saved four more lives including a fourteen year old boy. So eight lives were saved from one kidney donation in Florida.

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Local teacher donates kidney to student 

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