Cleveland Browns: Is the defense getting too close to Baker Mayfield?


Are getting hot in Cleveland. Here's a story for you. Seize the team gets ready for their second preseason game against the bills. Baker Mayfield has been the center of drama this week. The Browns coordinators got testing practice yesterday over this one Browns reporter tweeted this out, Todd Haley, upset with the defense getting too close to Baker Mayfield said, quote, good teams don't touch the bleep in quarterback to which Greg Williams responded will block them, then artsy see, is this a big deal? Which side are you on here? No, I don't have to be on the side. This is info football. A lot of times now, because Cleveland, they have the microphones. They have the cameras there. And then I'm just going to tell you in recent weeks. I haven't talked about a team that won one game until. More than I've talked about the Brown. So I guess that's that's a positive thing. But these are normal things in practice. The defense, they have an agenda. They have a call sheet. They have the defense they're going to run and they're going to run blitzes the offense. They have a call. She, the plays, the protections, and all those protections call for a guy to block almost every guy on the defense when people don't do their job, coaches, yell at players. Both of these coaches are right. You are not going to be a good team by hitting your quarterback in practice. Every team that knows this from high school where we put them in jerseys there in jersey, for reason that guy's value to the team. It can't be replaced and you have to learn as young football team white Cleveland. You have to learn how to practice, right, and I don't care bakers, rookie. Learn how to practice because of the game has changed. You have to learn how to practice in short. You have to learn how. To be competitive, but not combative. You have to learn how to get guys better and learn how to not guys down and Bill to help guys up and not worry about how looks because there are certain things you just cannot do on the football field in practice that because you're trying to get ready for the game like you don't take certain angles once you have a lime in if I've drive all the way back up by your Nick, I'll take my hand down. I'm put it more on your breastplate, right?

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