Apple is spending millions to clean up China's environment


Threatening a recession that chairman jerome powell present the information to congress next week according to reports pal has said the economy isn't a really good place adrienne mitchell bloombergradio oil is poised for its biggest weekly loss and almost five months new york futures plunge almost five percent to speak trade tensions between the us and china rattled investors and libya's plans to boost production quelled some fears of a supply crunch apple the iphone maker has upped its environmental efforts in asia bloomberg's courtney donohoe has the story apple announced a three hundred million dollar fund to promote clean energy in china the company wants to boost the use of renewable energy in its supply chain which is primarily spread across the country apple and ten of its key suppliers and partners will contribute to the fund over the next four years deutchebanks asset management are more manage and invest in the fund earlier this year apple also helped aluminum suppliers alcoa and rio tinto start developing.

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