Trump, Chief Meteorologist and Donald Trump discussed on Orlando's Morning News


Starts with the three big things you need to know right now chris chris chris is now a post tropical cyclone windsor at seventy miles an hour chris is expected to continue to generate higher swells along the beaches from the mid atlantic region to new england over the next few days sue now speaking about sixty one year old michigan man is dead trapped in a rip current in ormond by the sea in volusia county that chris that hurricane now you're the post tropical cyclone has been causing stronger than normal rip currents blunt our top story this morning it's international news britain is reeling after a bombshell interview with president trump appearing on the uk's largest tabloid newspaper today the president criticizing host prime minister theresa may to the sun telling the newspaper that he's been she has been mishandling debris negotiations for the uk and the departure from the european union ian panel reports from london the president has logged a launch grenade into the whole political atmosphere here in the uk essentially saying that the deal that theresa may is proposing with european union will mean any kind of plan for the us and the uk to have on the side a direct trade deal won't happen president trump first lady melania trump will meet later with britain's queen elizabeth for tea at windsor castle karen travers continues our team coverage experts say that the queen will do everything she can to put the president and the first lady at ease they also say she'll for the t herself so make it so service which will be quite a little moment for the president and it's notable she has met with every us president since nineteen fifty to accept lyndon b johnson so president trump and the first lady joining very long list of president who've come here to london to have that very special visit he acknowledged in that interview with the sun this is a pretty big deal for him breaking overnight the president announced his son donald trump junior will join congressman ron to santa's for a royal campaign of it wednesday in orlando this is severe weather center nine chief meteorologist tom terry you're listening to the six am expanded newsfeed on news ninety six five wdbo i'm channel nine meteorologist.

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