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The wiltshire poisoning dies and what price garrett southgate is a late call up for royal godfather across the uk online and on radio on the our news headlines david davis since resigned is brexit secretary he says it looks less and less likely the prime minister will deliver on the promise to lead the customs union and single market former economic adviser to the government vicky pryce has been telling james onto radio could be a turbulent twenty four hours a serious blow anything catching the number of breaks tears to now come out and say they're going to vote against this plan which of course you know it's almost like divisive confidence which i thought was awesome the press whether i thought it would happen certainly not given the collective agreement of the fact that most of the conservative parties in favor of a very soft brexit anyway but now seems so changing don't sturgis who was exposed to a nerve agent in wiltshire has died in hospital police have launched a murdering quarry she fell ill as partners home in ames missiles bernal saturday he remains in critical condition divers in thailand of preparing to restart the high risk operation to rescue a group of footballers from a flooded cave system four of them have already been brought safety but eight dollars and their coach are still trapped it's been almost two weeks since their audio began rob sprays an experienced diver says it's an advantage that most of those trapped our children child doesn't have the ingrained is the randomness of all the obligations that nadal downs i've taken children's lives they enjoy the new experience take an adult's try dives and they can dwell on the downsides the problems the boss of asked has warning leaving the eu without dale could leave food rotting at the border roger bemis says anything disrupting stoppage food supply chains currently governed by european union customs arrangements would have significant consequences royal watchers we'll be gathering it's in james's palace later for the christening of prince louis we're awaiting news of who's been pictures godparents his expects to have five like a sister older brother george has seven as he's a future king david beckham is one hundred to one to get the nod is not the rank outsider you can get odds of a thousand to one on donald trump no odds currently listed though the gareth southgate radio national weather now the hot and sunny day in the south mainly dry with the chance at the shower it will be cooler in the north and the east this warehouse prices could be closer than you think we're opening new branches across.

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