CBS CEO Les Moonves doesn't address allegations during earnings call


Pretty, good start to your Friday partly cloudy skies with some fog possible later this morning overnight. Lows sixty seven by this afternoon. A slight chance of rain. Maybe a storm, or to otherwise partly sunny eighty seven and how about the weekend lots of sunshine both days with highs in the upper. Eighties currently, seventy degrees news a service of a wider providing. Truck insurance for over forty years, and travelcenters, of America mayor John cranley says he's not surprised that a judge. Temporarily halted a billboard tax that he vetoed city council overrode the judge stating tax. Violates the billboard, owners and their clients I mend meant rights it wasn't a one. Percent tax but a seven percent for the. Businesses that are affected, it's -nificant wake up and all of a sudden your. Whole financial models changed without much, notice what am Cincinnati's biggest billboard companies Norton. Outdoor, advertising sued the city saying that on, top of already turning. Permit fees at UNC Unfairly targeted a few companies Lamar advertising, also sued making similar claims, as Norton Melissa neeley NewsRadio seven, hundred wwl wwl's UBS. Chairman les Moonves says comments? For the first, time since sexual misconduct allegations surface CBS CEO, les Moonves as silent, about the sexual misconduct allegations against him that have rocked the network he's run for two. Decades. Speaking on a, public earnings call only about CVS financials Moonves has in control and praised by at least, one investor less it's amazing how much you've diversified CVS says revenue. Over the last three. To five years no one asking, him about the New Yorker expose were six women came. Forward accusing him of offenses ranging from unwanted advances to sexual assault this as CBS hires two prominent female attorneys to look into claims against him and the culture at CVS earlier this week CBS films president Terry press struggling To reconcile the. Nunez she knows with the allegations posting this statement I do not believe that it is, my place to question, the accounts. Put forth by the. Women but I do find myself asking that if. We are examining the industry as it existed decades, before through the, lens of two thousand eighteen should we also discuss a path to learning reconciliation and forgiveness ABC's Eva pilgrim reporting Clermont county commissioners will be holding a special. Session later this month to. Review the preliminary development agreement with FC Cincinnati for a, new practice facility in Milford commissioners have been asked to approve a. One percent increase to the lodging. Tax to help reimburse the cost of buying the land. The expressway park softball complex was bought out earlier this summer. With help from, the city of Milford, FC Cincinnati plans to spend an additional. Thirty million dollars building their practice facility there commissioners will hear public comment at this month's hearing that will..

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