At 5 years old, Prince George named one of Britain's best dressed


Drama Rama no because I feel like. We could write a song no He went to, work Is one I'm going to. Have. Danny find it okay so here is this is. A little Hollywood speak Korea yesterday prince George has been. Named one of Britain's, best, dress at, five, years old so here's. The, knee socks and the Peter Pan he looks like Christopher Robin young Christopher Robin, Winnie the. Pooh books yes with, Peter Pan collars. Piping. On the edge of his always a little Br. British. Boys they don't wear pants so they're seven right Timeless Anyway of, course Tatler a British magazine is going Prince One of the best. Jazz it's one way to get us talking. About. Absolutely. Okay Shahs, of sunset res Raza Farrahan, he had this, sustain an interview he gave page six his feelings about body. Here and he said I like it a little more seventies in the, downtown area my advice is. Let hair exists for God wanted hair to. Be. Hallelujah A Louis a- Likes to have the seventy s fluff Yeah The show is coming back and what a great way to get people to talk about. It About your care right he's got a golden fused haircare line you. Know, and I quit watching the size shahs of. Sunset because you have other shows to watch basically it was a? Reality, show doer dice? Situation and how. Could you watch every franchise of the housewives. 'em at well you know, what I like this I'm. Fascinated with a Persian, rich Persian people it's. Kind of like crazy rich Asians for that reason and the first season I really liked it but then there were a couple story. Lines. That I. Just. And people specifically. People I couldn't stand and so I, didn't go back right all right yeah and that's why but now now that I know this I feel like This is I'm. Gonna. Put it. Back. DVR just to. Seize the pubic hair care just check, in with them Persians all right. Fine hurried fine okay Jennifer Lopez has she never imagined winning the MTV video vanguard. Award.

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