Patriots Release WR Jordan Matthews After Significant Hamstring Injury, sign 1-year deal with Erick Decker


What does he go play outside in a different sport now? Oh, yeah. Yeah. I mean six. Nine, whatever you gonna play when he gets blasted over the middle, is he gonna come back to the bra, took you seem stitching. His nose play with a mass drop sixty one on on on on the Hornets as broken. No, but he. Loved asked, and he'd be going around with a different mentality. That's a whole different ball football and basketball player. The why differently? Enough, realize it always comes back to this guy at some point. Thank you for being here. It's always good to get. Tom Brady is wide receiver group seems to constantly change and the patriots Jordan Mathews yesterday after he signed a one year deal this off season, but he reportedly suffered a significant hamstring injury on Sunday, the patriots maybe adding former titans wide receiver, Eric decker who worked out for the team this week. And yes, remember they will be without Jillian men for the first four games of the season. Shannon, what does this tell you. Kills me that a coach Bela checks. You gonna pull some weight or you guys to go. He was, I guess he was practicing whale playing well, and then he got Nick hamstring and coach Bela check says, you know what? You're not going to be doing this any good rehabbing on our dime. So we'll let you go ahead and go bring air Dicker and it looks like they're gonna sign deck, Jordan Mathews skip. I mean he really hasn't played well since he's left chip Kelly. I mean close to nine hundred yards. I two years, but he's always had this injury almost half thousand. Yeah, he's always had this injury bug that just popped up and I'm sure that factor the coach Bela checks decision of, yeah, you know, I was kinda hoping you're over this bug. Now, the last couple years deck has also suffered the injury bug, but I do believe that Eric decker is an upgrade over Jordan Mathews. He had his best years playing who skip pate, Manny. So you have a guy in Tom Brady that knows what he's doing with the football knows where to go with the ball is in complete command of this offense. And so I expect him to is big debt comes in this offense. I can see him catching. Forty fifty balls especially with Ellerman being the first the first four gay. Hell gronk it's still there not. He's still look at Tom Brady, Tom Brady can win without grunk, but you look at his numbers when gronk on the field. And you look at his numbers when gronk and on the field, this ubstantially different and plus decades. The mole grant Etima you know, they got Gatica got all all the Gallic, a guy. He likes to kind of look, Chris HOGAN. Now. L. look like. Thing shattered shock. I've been trying to tell you for two years Bill. Bella check can get away with near murder when it comes to the white outs this because it just doesn't matter. He has the greatest quarterback in the history of pro football who's also to use your term the greatest makeup artist ever because he can just cover up all the blemishes. It just doesn't matter. Just giving that guy, Joe Smith investors. Investors as the greatest ever. You know what Joe said that under. So. Look what just happened. Jordan Mathews was sort of the off season Saini by the New England Patriots because June Matty's dot, some ability. He played at my school Vanderbilt, and he is still the SEC all time career leader in catches and yards caught. That's pretty great, Nancy. See, it's a pretty good. It's right. And he's still the all time. Career leader is Jordan. Mathews those three years in Philadelphia were they were great, but they were pretty good, right. And guess who fell in love with Jordan Mathews who loved him like a brother was walk into your got Carson Wentz. He loved him some Jordan Mathews and they traded Jordan Mathews straight up for Ronald Darby who's a really good player so that that shows you that buffalo really valued Jordan Mathews that he He was. was. That's that's pretty. That's eighty. Trae they needed receiver they had let wilder would grow in said, we walk and go market Goodwin was gong. Yeah, so they need. They need Darby's a first round talent. Yeah, he's a, he's a playmaking top to your cornerback and so they value Jordan. He's in buffalo, right? And Carson Wentz was devastated and told the Philadelphia media..

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