Officer helps homeless man shave for job interview


The Florida state fairgrounds next Tuesday night for congressman Ron to San does Trump endorsed Santa's last month in the GOP primary and also running for governor is Adam Putnam and Gwen, Graham White. House press secretary, Sarah Sanders says President Trump is entertaining the. Idea of revoking the security clearances of several. Obama era, officials Sanders says the group includes, former CIA, director John Brennan, former FBI director James Kobe former director, of national intelligence James Clapper and former, national security adviser Susan Rice, Senator Mark Warner Virginia says he finds the whole thing troubling that. Concerns me greatly if this White House is gonna break precedents and trying to attack former members of the intelligence community because they simply express their views in the. First amendment. Rights. Press secretary Sarah Sanders says that, they have politicized and in some cases monetize Their public service unsecurity clearances revere beach police officer asleep at the wheel. A cell. Phone video sent to the revere beach police department has sparked an internal affairs investigation video, appears to show a, police officer, in uniform asleep behind the wheel of his marked cruiser there is an investigation and this officer does good officer Carlson with the Tallahassee police department went above and beyond when you help the homeless man named Phil tried to get a job at McDonald's fell was trying to shave you, couldn't see. You didn't have, mirrors Carlson helped him shave his beard off. Fell went and got an application and the. Manager of, the McDonald's is looking forward to, sitting down, for job interview, with him video of the officer helping, fill is up the website eight fifty, w. f. t. l. dot, com by fell hopes to hit the jackpot we have a huge. Pot of money that we can all win tonight mega millions drawing is up to five hundred twelve million bucks and you're next update is at seven o'clock I'm. Keira Curtis. Stay. Connected with news anytime at fifty, w. t. l. dot com This is a. Bloomberg market minute.

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