Demi Lovato, Texas and Senate discussed on Mark Levin



Weather center KTAR h news time seven oh one our top story amid the steady stream. Of those opposing governor abbot suggestion of allowing police to. Temporarily take guns away from anyone deemed a threat to themselves or others handful of others spoke in favor of so called red flag laws during a, state Senate committee hearing today in Austin UT law student. Danielle Salazar as an intern with the Children's Defense Fund of Texas someone testify earlier said that guns are the holy grail of Texas I. Disagree children, are the, holy grail and we should do everything in our, power to protect them we asked the committee strongly considered red flag was as Lucien. In the fight to Radic School shootings. Here in Texas the red flag law was. Among governor rabbits forty point school safety plan issued in the weeks following the Santa Fe high school shooting. But Lieutenant governor Dan Patrick late today said the governor no longer supports red flag laws five days after a Houston, doctor was gunned, down in the medical center and police are still searching for clues. Houston Methodist cardiologists Dr Mark house connect was shot and killed Friday. Morning while riding his bicycle shop by men on another bicycle mayor Sylvester Turner says it's a mystery. We still haven't been able to pinpoint a motive okay it doesn't appear to be robbery So we don't we don't know whether we're just random we don't know. Whether or not the proof that the doctor was targeted we just we just don't know RTD partner. Channel to the shooter described only as a Hispanic man about thirty years old. So far crime stoppers. Says. They, received less. Than ten credible tips they are offering a ten thousand dollar reward for info leading to an arrest Texas Senator John Cornyn says there's no way Republicans, will allow Democrats to delay a confirmation vote for President. Trump's supreme court nominee Brett cavenaugh delay game is going to be played by our democratic colleagues are going to try to put it. Off as long, as, possible with the leaders make clear we're going to have this before, this vote on the nomination. Before the midterm elections Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell has said he expects to hold confirmation, hearings, for. Cavenaugh in September KTAR h news time seven oh three singer Demi Lovato reportedly rushed to the hospital from her home, in Los Angeles today after a. Possible drug overdose in a new song sober released. Last. Month Demi Lovato sings about relapsing Now those lyrics read is a cry for help people magazine saying Levada was taken to. The hospital Tuesday after what appears to be a drug overdose they. Say she's in stable condition superstar singers battled addiction for years several stints and, treatment for. Drugs in eating, disorders she's been very open about her struggles something that is giving support and. Comfort to our millions. Of fans now it appears she needs that support Jason Nathanson ABC news Hollywood Garrett Cole on the mound is the Astros are in Denver tonight opening a brief two..

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