Pennsylvania state board recommends that Bill Cosby be listed as a 'sexually violent predator'


Go up by a few degrees once we had into, Thursday temperature start to cool also by a couple of degrees so Wednesday. Will probably be the hottest, day of the week with high expected one. Eleven for the valleys by Friday we slowly. Start to see those temperatures go down and then by the time we. Head, into, the weekend we continue to cool however more of that monsoonal moisture starts to roll back in so we, go from hot and dry too hot and muggy with the, possibility of some isolated thunderstorms and showers by the end of the weekend with other California's most accurate dependable forecast I'm CBS to. Meteorologists amber leaf or KNX ten seventy NewsRadio three in Long Beach we have one. Hundred six degrees in Northridge and ninety nine in Anaheim eleven eighteen the Trump administration and the. American Civil Liberties union are having a. Disagreement about the families that have been separated at the. US Mexico border, at issue is how much. Time parents should have to decide whether to seek asylum after they are reunited with, their kids the Trump administration is proposing a four day. Waiting period but the ACLU wants a full week the administration faces a court. Imposed deadline Thursday to reunify more than. Twenty five hundred children ages five and. Older a. Hotter climate is having a shocking effect on society people, appear to be going. To, drastic measures in response to climate change surprisingly strong link. Between warmer than average temperatures and increase in suicide rate that Stanford professor Marshall Burke who co authored a study looking into what people had suspected for years. Had noted that to peak, in late spring and summer months in warmer months so well is unknown with whether. This was actually due to temperature or Due to other factors that vary Marshall tells KNX the suicide trend cuts across socio-economic lines consistent from Minneapolis to Mexico City yes debates climate. Change will be responsible for twenty thousand suicides in the US and Mexico over the next three decades Brian paying KNX ten seventy NewsRadio. Bill Cosby should be classified as a sexually violent predator, that's the recommendation this morning from a, state board in Pennsylvania Cosby was convicted, in April on sexual assault charges amid accusations that he drugged and sexually. Abused a former timbale university employees in two thousand and. Four he's due to be sentenced in September but a hearing expected before. That so the judge can consider the state boards request cell phone have been ordered to disable nearly two hundred phones used by inmates to orchestrate crimes from behind bars and outside prison walls rulings from judges here in California and in South Carolina are. Considered the most sweeping ever won by prison officials the California corrections secretary He says the. Judge's decisions essentially order carriers to turn these phones into bricks he says the phones will be shut down over the, next week or two It's eleven twenty with a look at your money here's Frank Motech well we're seeing some big moves in agricultural related stocks. Farm related companies moving higher. News the culture department has just, announced a, twelve billion dollars short. Term plan to help US farmers potentially hurt by retaliatory tariffs the administration might be imposing. So we see Archer Daniels Midland for example moving higher as well some, of the other agricultural related socks moving. Up taking a look at the overall market we've seen a banner day for the NASDAQ hitting. Record highs early on but, now a bit of. A pullback the NASDAQ is. Pulling back nineteen points this after Google came in with better than expected results Google shares moved, up Facebook touch record highs today also having. A good day we see the. Dow right now one hundred thirty six points the s&p five hundred up sinks taking a look at the price of oil it is up. Sixty eight cents now. At sixty eight Fifty-seven at among the.

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