Jensen to take charge of a Denmark full of futsal players



Man of the match is former arsenal grit, John Jensen, the foot south players of Denmark. A remarkable situation has emerged in Denmark, head of this international break and their UEFA nations league game the former arsenal midfielder John Jensen. We'll take charge of Denmark's nations. The opener against Wales after the role which is rock Danish football took an x store. Excuse me and extraordinary twist. Denmark's preparations for the game in Arras on Sunday are in turmoil. Over this over dispute concerning the players, commercial rights, the Danish Football Association is set to feel the team consisting of domestic players rather than primarily base stars such as Christian Erickson Casper's, Michael Denmark, plane Slovakia in a friendly into vinyl Wednesday on the db you director close Brenton Meyer told Danish Broadcasting Corporation that it had selected a squad drawn from the first and second divisions of the domestic league. It has also been reported in Denmark that members of the national foot Saul squad will feature in the squad. So this image rights issue has not been resolved. The satisfaction of their players Eriksson Schmeichal and it's going to be an opportunity, albeit an awkward opportunity for players in the top league Super League and the divisions below that and football players to represent their country. But they're also kind of crossing a picket line if they do play, which not kind of they are crossing a picket line one day, we hear so much about image rights and and like that was from this Societa press. We hear so much about image rights in Europe and all the controversy causes with tax issues in Spain. And now this would Denmark what like what is happening with image rights here of American athletes as opposed to how it works in these European leaks. I, I'd never hear about image rights issues over here in the United States in any sport. Like, I'm, you know, I'm sure LeBron like how does it work for him as opposed to messy or neymar or Josie. Marino just got a jail sentence. I, I need somebody to explain that. Well, this is just a contract issue with the Danish Football Board as opposed to like the government of Denmark over image rights on an obviously, it's now going to have a fairly impressive didn't to scenario where they're going to have to pick players who probably gonna feed very awkward and not the way they would have wanted to. Win and international cap. A boy, the way England Spain is a friendly game is not in the US initially. Oh, is that right? Yep. That's a friendly game on Harry. Maguire told the telegraph he doesn't really know how this thing works either.

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