Paul Ryan: New York Times op-ed author 'obviously living in dishonesty'


Well, Paul Ryan now is talking about that op Ed yesterday. Dodging questions about Bob Woodward's book. Now being asked about the insider who is rolling on the president and his behavior. Paul Ryan says whoever wrote that anonymous op, Ed. Is living in dishonesty and should not work for the president. Ryan said today understands Trump's tweeting an unconventional tactics Bader bother people. But that Trump is producing good results. There is a there's a weird. Conundrum, I suppose the whoever wrote this finds themself and we talked about this yesterday when it came out in the one o'clock hour when we saw that the the person wrote this this anonymous op Ed piece said that the at talked about cabinet level discussion about whether or not they should invoke the twenty fifth amendment which would allow them to declare the president competent and make Mike Pence the acting president, and but they said they didn't want to precipitate a constitutional crisis. This doesn't rise to the level. This op Ed piece in this this now revelation that there is somebody in the White House that his usurping the president's authority on whatever issues, they think they're they're going to fix him on, but it is at least pointing in the direction of a constitutional crisis because our government does not allow us to elect a president. You may not like them doesn't matter. He's the president. And then have other people. Change his policy. Exactly people who are not elected. Right. We've got people. If you're going to believe what this what this op Ed piece lays out, we've got people who none of us elected running running things. Yeah. At the very least not allowing the the person we did elect, right? But you know, what I think Washington works like this you watch the west wing you watch house of cards. You you talk to people who've worked on the hill. And you know, that it's often not the lawmakers that are pulling the strings strings as the people behind the scenes, it's the lobbyists. It's the staffers. Yeah. You know? So I I don't I don't know if this is that different from other administrations I've been trying to figure out I mean, just running down the list of I went through the cabinet members last night and thought who is a likely person to have written this. Well, you and everybody else in the country. Orosa actually took to Twitter about this trying to pin her book Ecorse, the former reality star, she was a White House aide for a time. And she claimed yesterday's that. She knew who authored the peace, and she was offering clues to her followers on social

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