Trump and Cohen discussed on Tood Schnitt


Again what am. I hearing it's. It's possible it's It's garbled because you have Cohen. Talking and then Trump talk at the same time so is it don't pay with cash, or isn't pay with? Cash and it's. Possible That don't is in there but it's also possible that it's not and then people say? Well, what, about, Cohen saying no no no no no check, before shuts, off one that seemed to indicate, that Trump said pay with cash and and Cohen, was curriculum, no no no no check or the fact that you know. Trump, said, don't, pay, with cash. And I it still could. Be that Cohen is backing up. You know backing up Trump and agreeing with Trump don't pay with cash no no. No no no check so that's plausible as well both both are, actually plausible here I got Check Hold on Hope I got And it says check and then it cuts to the. New conversation, so again what what is Trump? Actually saying, I mean I've heard all types of. Interpretations there I don't think it's clear enough to make. A four I don't even know a forensic audio expert is going to be able to tell because, it's it's. It's murky it. Is murky. Their hamlets.

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