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Roe versus Wade and the threat to women's reproductive rights is frighteningly real Real it is, real because unless Democrats and Republicans come, together President Trump will follow through on his. Promise to overturn Roe. Earlier White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said the president's pro-life. Position played no role in his selection. Of cabinet tremendous intellect someone who will stick to upholding the constitution and somebody who has great judicial temperament those are the, big things the president is looking for is, likely to hold confirmation hearings before November, Charlie Harger KOMO news well here's a good reminder to make sure the access to your septic tank is secure a two year old fell into a septic tank. In Edgewood and stayed there until the mother pulled them out. A twelve year old sister then. Performed CPR until rescuers got their child was conscious when the ambulance got. To the hospital now eight ten here at KOMO news And here's. Tom Glasgow at the KOMO sports desk Gene gene Done for the Mariners today with a couple. Of Gene gene the hidden machine getting done for the Mariners today with a couple of runs batted in including an RBI single in the eighth to break a to to time the m.'s topped the giants three to two at Safeco field and. That delivers a split of the two. Game series Mike leake with a. Very strong start he pitches into the seventh inning Edwin Diaz gets his thirty eight to save and Ryan Healy dozy hard. Again with a solo shot in the second inning he had two home runs in the victory on Sunday against the White Sox tomorrow an off day for the m.'s and then back. At it in Anaheim Friday night against the angels we know that Chris Peterson has a loaded husky football team and the media that covers the conference recognized that today by picking the huskies to win the Pac twelve, in twenty eighteen Washington receiving thirty seven of forty three votes expected to finish second behind the huskies in the north division Stanford Followed by Oregon California Washington state fifth and Oregon state. Sixty in the south division the favourite USC followed by Utah Arizona UCLA Colorado and Arizona state more sports in thirty minutes right here on your home of the huskies KOMO news I'm Tom Glasgow I'm anarchy you have, the Samsung galaxy s..

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