Emoluments case alleging Trump violated Constitution can proceed: U.S. judge


Seeing, coastal, temperatures, hit the eighties. With no real relief from the heat, just yet the valleys inland locations will remain in the triple, digits through, at least the next week. This is China Mendiola with NBC four today in LA. Right now it's seventy six in brea sixty seven in Laguna beach seventy seven seventy seventy-five in. Downing we lead local from the KFI twenty four hour newsroom. I'm Jennifer Jones Lee Handle here Thursday morning the twenty six Big. Stories that we're covering today, the idol wildfire KFI reporter Corbin Carson is there it'll be reporting throughout the. Day and it's not good, news, that's for sure. Horse December the fire up Yosemite, even worse news they have down Yosemite for vacationers and that's a heartbreak because I've been there. And we had to reserve way way in advance also the president in a win looks. Like. The European Union blinked on the. Tariff issue okay Here is a. Case that has come back, and, that is arguing. That the president of the United, States is violating the constitution by making a ton of money off of his properties and that. Foreign corporation and governments are booking his hotels for example and therefore he's making a profit. Now The part of the constitution that is That's involved here is the emoluments clause, and what is a, Molin. Taking money basically just accepting gifts etcetera And it is, says It's real simple the constitution bars federal officials from taking emoluments from any king. Prints, or foreign state well what does the? Amalean, you may ask well certainly the courts in the United States have never answered that because there's never been. An emolument Malaya case As far as the federal officials certainly not the presidents ever been involved so here's, the argument obviously it's much of a political argument. People saying there's a real, constitutional issue a federal judge yesterday rejected President Trump's latest effort to stop a lawsuit that alleges that the. President is violating the constitution, by continuing, to do business with foreign governments making money out of foreign governments from foreign, governments while he, is the president clearly a violation of the constitution according to those people that are. Arguing, that and if filed a lawsuit so? This, ruling US district judge Peter messy out of Maryland will allow the plaintiffs who are suing plaintiffs being the Who. Are the plane liberty this really quick DC attorney general Carl Racine and Maryland attorney general are suing. To have the court declared that I guess he can't do that and whatever, damages are coming out of that at. This point I don't. Know and what it does it allows. The plaintiffs Maryland and the district of Columbia to proceed with, their case because Trump is violated the anti-corruption clause the immoral in Amaleans clause in the constitution in this seems to be the first time a, federal judge had interpreted those provisions and apply the. Restrictions to a sitting president, now if this ruling stands because you know it's going to be appealed instantly now we're looking very closely. At Trump's business which Trump, is not, very good at sharing his businesses he keeps up pretty close to the vest And the argument is a fifty two page opinion that the judge wrote that the constitution's ban on. A Mouly on emoluments could apply to Trump Could cover any business transaction where, foreign governments, deal with, Trump and he derives a profit gain or advantage and that's exactly what's happening you look at the hotel that Trump owns for example in Washington You've got foreign governments. Who book parties for example the government of Kuwait and that happened actually they cancelled one at another at, another hotel and went, ahead and then they booked, the hotel the Trump owns by the way one of the, lawsuits part of this is that the owner, of the other DC hotel. Is suing saying you cost me business that's, on an, individual basis So the organization and the Justice department the Trump organization the Justice department urged messy to dismiss the case because the founding fathers here's the argument had written the clause to stop. Officials from taking bribes not to stop, them from, doing business and if. This goes up to, the court supreme court we're going to find out what an emolument actually is and one of. The arguments that it's being used. Is how in God's name does Donald Trump still own his business is making a pile of money from, foreign governments is being argued and still remain president It's every other official has bailed out of businesses a lot and put, him in blind trusts blind trust means someone else runs them and there's, a firewall and doesn't tell the president. Or the official what's going on with his money and, the official doesn't get back into it until his tenure. In office is over and then some people even bail out of all of their holdings to make sure that there is no conflict for example remember Rex Tillerson secretary of state for a couple of months He was a CEO of Exxon and obviously owned a ton. Of stock, he sold all of his stock he has no more money In. Anything that deals with the, government an Exxon, had a ton of different contracts with the government and President Trump simply won't do that he still maintains his businesses and he says I'm, not dealing with, the day to day operations entering know what that. Means because when Jared Kushner? And Don Jr. who? Were, now quote? Running the businesses? They don't, go to Donald Trump and got here what. Do you think dad what do you think father-in-law which way do I. Go I mean Donald Trump's pretty. Good about staying in control So? It's, not putting? The money away? In a, blind trust it's not selling off assets although The argument in Donald Trump's, favor. Is if he has to sell off his interest in his hotels and the golf courses etc and the buyers know that he has to sell them doesn't that, by definition or practically reduced the price, and effectively the government is forcing. Him to lose money. And there's nothing. In the, constitution says you, have to lose money either it's gonna be fun it really is all, right coming up next I'm gonna have a lot of fun today, is a very. Important holiday and we're, gonna, talk about Catholic contraception also known as. Vatican roulette. And we, are I, love, this. One religion contraception babies doesn't get, better than that does it.

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