White House delays next Trump-Putin meeting


Patrick thoughts. The White House has laying its proposed meeting with Russian President Putin in a written statement, the White House national security adviser says the US and Russia have agreed that the next bilateral meeting between President Trump and President Putin will be after the first of the year, the original plan was for the Russian leader to visit Washington this fall. But John Bolton says Mr. Trump says, it should take place after the Russia. Witch hunt is over a reference to the special counsel's investigation. Greg Clugston the White House, the battle over the paper trail up supreme court nominee Brett cabin. Is heating up Texas Republican John Cornyn questioning the, relevance of documents. From Kavanagh's time as staff secretary for former President George W Bush is what President Bush had for dinner fourteen years ago relevant Cornyn calling this a stalling tactic, minority leader Chuck Schumer says capital himself has talked about the importance of. That job he said that quote my, three years as staff secretary for President. Bush where the most interesting and in many ways the most. Instructive majority leader Mitch McConnell, has vowed not to delay a confirmation vote passed the midterm elections Capitol Hill correspondent Wally, Hindes Milwaukee police chief Alfonzo Morales says it officer was fatally wounded during, a violent encounter with, a suspect Wednesday afternoon there,.

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