Fox, Vladimir Putin and Rob Caroline discussed on Bloomberg Daybreak


Forty six years forty five years and was reaffirmed twenty six years ago president trump on fox was asked about his upcoming supreme court choice it's probably going to be vicious because the other side all they can do is obstructed resist you know the whole thing resist trump also says he's going to mention russian meddling in the us elections during his upcoming meeting with vladimir putin it's officially a heat wave in new york bloomberg meteorologist rob caroline michael heatwave is going to be with us here in the tristate area for the work week it's going to be hot even on the fourth of july looks like the pattern breaks down over the upcoming weekend and will turn cooler and more comfortable but it's certainly going to be very hot heat warnings up for the city excessive heat warnings away from the coast the coast is actually going to see a light seabreeze develop and that'll keep the temperatures i'll probably close to ninety this afternoon while the interior we'll see temperatures well up into the nineties and then you factor in the mid eighty some portions of the suburbs will feel like they're above one hundred degrees michael thank you rob fred's president emmanuel macron has replaced an ambassador over a confidential memo that was leaked to the media bloomberg's gregory viscose e has more from paris emmanuel macron sees himself as the leader of the pro european liberal order in europe so when is in bachelor hungry wrote a note praising the anti immigration policies of prime minister viktor urban the consequences were never going to be pretty back cross last friday that if the no was confirmed he'd fire the ambassador co newspaper reported sunday that my cross all ready gone ahead and done that and his replace the envoy eric gregory excuse in paris for bloomberg daybreak new jersey will increase the levy on income over five million dollars and impose a four.

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