Heavily armed men in helicopter free notorious French inmate


And then started amassing one of the largest personal collections of baseball memorabilia in america all for the love of the game i don't care if you're the banker the town the sheriff you are you know certain ethnic or race y'all went to the game y'all set pretty much together and y'all rooted for the home team and it was it brought people together some pieces are now on exhibit at history colorado center in denver like the handprint babe ruth made for a poem reader so when you the fan walk into the exhibit you can shake hands with fave ruth joe dimaggio a slugger maybe better known for his two hundred and seventy four day to multirace marriage to marilyn monroe this story that he would send roses to her grave every day every day when he was alive why do you think he did that never stopped loving her it's still the same game on a summer's day nine guys against one lonely batter and as the man who is collected so many memories knows well it's still what it has always been it's so simple when life is so complex and when you add all that together it comes out at baseball's magic that is cbs's barry peterson wbz news time one fifty one connecticut teen has been detained for leading police chase in a stolen car the eighteen year old refused to pullover lead officers on a brief chase before crashing the stolen vehicle and taking off on foot he was arrested several hours later held on bond at the newtown police department it's a crazy prison escape right out of a hollywood movie but it's for real a criminal in france has taken from his prison courtyard by is a god blesses in a helicopter navy sees jennifer eccleston with more on the gangsters great escape french authorities are confirming a daring escape from a paris area prison a notorious gangster escaped in a small helicopter helped by several heavily armed men who created a diversion at the prison entrance while the helicopter landed in the courtyard the forty six year old has been serving a twenty five year old murder sentence police say an extensive manhunt is underway helicopter pilots believe may have been taken as a hostage a migratory earned the nickname spiderman after rescuing a child had his first day at a new job with the paris fire brigade the man's remarkable rescue of a child dangling from a balcony not only one an internet start him but french citizenship as well and a job with the fire department the twenty two year old molly and migrant is one of the brigades twenty four new recruits if you live on the new law has some massachusetts aware alerts have breaking news the time road traffic on the.

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