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Atmosphere uh throughout earth history the what's happening now is that we're we're we're putting it into the atmosphere deliberately by burning fossil fuels at a much faster rate than would've ever happened naturally and it's heating up the planet eta terrific rate i mean scientists have looked into this for a very long time i mean they understand be the uh very sort of relatively simple to to to uh factor out this sort of what could be happening naturally versus what is happening because we add the co 2 billions and billions of tonnes of this into our atmosphere um every year and you know we're doing this to ourselves we are eating the planet up by by burning fossil fuels let's go to national tennessee now juries with us go ahead jerry hi sean i i just want to dallas your your guests use of the of the word uh gravity out by but missing the word climategate uh which uh happened a few years ago when they found out that the uh they were doctoring the uh uh the you know the the temperatures and you know of course because say they were they were getting money for uh too you know uh to keep them going so then they were they were uh doctrine things and and uh and therefore um we're able to get more more funds to keep on going uh and uh you know i mean i i i'm i'm i'm i tend to really believe what you're just had on what your guest spoke about a few weeks ago they're robert felix not by fire but by ice i mean you know what biz talk ice core samples showed i i'm paul if i'm not you know i might be wrong in this but i thought it was like four hundred times more cars in dioxide into chopped in in in in those samples during the ice age then then you know then then we have going on now so i mean how can we go for how can we be going for a global warming especially in the in in the fact that the saw an arson is an old star it's undying star it's not it's not it's not blew hot it's not rare it's yellow hot which means it's time sore so it's losing its cheat so if.

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