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And and I remember on on on the oceans movies, I became friendly with Casey Affleck. But I never never really met. We're talk with Benny bass is big brother, Ben who was the best friend do Matt Damon. And so I decided to go to a party that Clooney was having for Argo because I was impressed. I was impressed with Ben Affleck craft and I thought he'd be pleased. You know, I was able to say, you know, I don't like being impressed because I'm so deeply into the work. And so into the life of what we're doing, you know, but I was impressed. I thought you'd be pleased to to know it not not to be found found a little pretentious or grandiose. I don't mean. In it that way, and so he was pleased. And then he said to make I have a question for you, get all the stuff you've done everything all this time. If he ever done anything that you were sorry. You did afterwards. I said that's a great question. Let me give it a moment. My answer is. No, no, it would be so disloyal to so many people dependent on our work and with the crew and the team of people that we have to put together some things work, some things don't work we live and die. We we make an I told you a the the the quote of James Joyce. Yeah. No life makes no mistakes. It sounds like the experience that you had with a glimpse of tiger. Actually might have made you a better person a major more aware. God, I didn't even glimpse of tie. Oh, my God a glimpse of tiger. Oh my goodness. I may have to write it because it was so so crucial there. I mean when Bergman called me because I said, yeah, I can't say note in Bergman. I mean, you know, I mean, but so I'll read his piece and then see if he'll call me in the west village, and then I can talk with him, you know. And and to me, you know, I was something like no, no was so deepen the hair on the back of my of my next up. It was like a how I would make vibration of sound of for a puppy or a dog or a baby or a child. You know, just like that. I said, okay, I'll come along out. Do what you want me to do? And that was some experience, you know, drug bubble often when I showed by. Many was ended. This is already fee notes. Still I don't think it was the longer by. But this was perce opposed to glimpse of tiger. I mean, I'm I can't couldn't get any work because I mean, you know, I pay for everything by the way. I mean, they paid for everything and they also had to have people. You know to have checked out of mentally, and psychologically, you know. I mean, I know I had no judgement and no perspective. But was able to get here to see for myself. Oh, we don't matter. How good you wanna be? My goodness gracious. The president of the United States didn't have time or a coat to go to pay respects to all of our fallen soldiers from World War One. Give me a fucking break. Will you that experience is no good or bad? Yeah. I mean, go to bed that that experience while I don't wanna be glib or anything like that. Yes. It gave me. But still I didn't know because when Bergman called me, I mean, I'm making we didn't expect me. This was all about my first wife now mind you I started out before. But was all about Barbara. You know, so interested in you know, it's like a gym, bro. Who's a nice guy in the movie that the second movie I did for Peter Himes Capricorn one. I save his life and bro. And Brolin to me at the fortieth screen anniversary of Capricorn one. You said to me e r a better agent for me the my own agent. And I said, you do you think that this business to me? No, I'm devoted to my son and his mother, I don't care what anybody is. But we all have limitations and Bergman and Amos to me like very early on in the process of the film, filming touchy said, you've gone beyond your limits, and you'll have to live more to understand what you've done and at that moment..

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