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Mason Rudolph who got no suspension even though a lot of people think Hey you know what you are a big part of that fight last night David Holmes who is now testifying behind closed doors he is in a that works with Gordon someone Ivanovic return of the jet I few things trending on that there and the Mandalorian because I think the second episode was released today I think so that's training your to Google what interesting things trending lots of stuff here Roger stone trending big time because of course he was convicted seven account seven counts he faces up to fifty years and this is lying to Congress obstruction of witness obstruction justice witness tampering I mean there's a lot of things that he's in trouble hallmark movies of course they are terror why wouldn't they be right what does okay boomer mean is trending because they're making fun of course boomers and then the Gen Z. generation is making fun of V. Jennette generation and they call the Gen x.'ers what yeah so Phil work called Karen by them and they say the reason is is because we essentially are racist homophobic transphobic don't believe in vaccines are climate change that are mostly also the parents of Gen Z. children so that's why we're we're we're we're apparently in a battle with the gens these what I have well that's right I want them god we're talking today about like the you know just as bizarre world of of of craziness that we live in an times got there like I guess you can vote for the people of the year a I or the person of the year and translate it's gotta be credit right it's gonna be great a phone number right is she is she going to be it right so let's vote who should be personally her some of these people that you can I don't know right is it going to be a any one of these Justin Trudeau no Bob Eiger know Elizabeth Warren baby err to one maybe right you get the usual you know people but I think is right I think it might be Greta Thurn bird now it could be Adam Schiff or it could be that the other Democrats right in the impeachment acquired could be impeachment is that a person of the year they've done stuff like that before but Greta Thurn Berg I could definitely see that how dare you told me this you want to my childhood two three five three twenty four twenty three HM beds and show your twenty seventeen so Chad bins and show did you know that we lose on average twenty veterans today to suicide it's a very sad fact but there is something you can do to help the folks at will depart project took notice of the high suicide rate among veterans and also recognize that every day thousands of dogs are being euthanized at shelters across the country they combine their love of dogs and their.

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