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And a good friday to the company behind hockey's is awaiting into the messy debate over when to start toilet training kimberly clark is benefited is more parents up for hockey's pull ups disposable training pants over less expensive diapers cells a pull up screw by double digits in twenty fifteen and again in twenty sixteen offsetting a decline in diaper sales what's up here an explanation from wall street journal reporter sharing turlock sherman we have one of the things that came out in the in the mode chicken self offer couldn't really clark which is quick make a deep hey old their pullups training camp were much more again thursday open actual traditional diapers went down though it's about his it's is into you said that some see this is a good sign for the economy why how well we can training camp the power up there so much more expensive than the guy break though there mob couple of you know at him about seventy pull out you can get to twenty tagged out later so you get a hundred and twenty diaper for that amount here thing about a month to places to play good expensive contact alright so explain i guess the what the companies thurs saying or to do when you're demonstrating when it comes to say using diapers or the pull ups sure i mean it's it's kind of it's it's the that might delicate topic because they're not that in a few things more personal the parents i did training in the take that next big it's though in the company it's to really really good at goodbye until he it to compile more training camp and they won but i'm like inning pants but at the same time i think they're well aware that that that they can't really i go out there and say that we're trying to place to be a pure changing children get to the right so the not now there's a and it's or does not body turn by for your did the loser they can't i think that would that would probably back atlanta the hope the hoodie's from generally clark what about on the on the panthers side of things sure pampered which is that i can barely cracked that big big arrival in the us back during gamble i'd be like again with and the market win with their training can't so there's still no where.

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