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About usual a baseball hall of Famer died today al que line affectionately known as Mr tiger has passed away Kaling played twenty two seasons in the major leagues at the age of twenty one that American League batting championship youngest player to ever do so a line of fifteen time all star ten time gold glove outfielder three thousand seven hits during his hall of fame career this was number three thousand the date September twenty fourth nineteen seventy four the picture was Baltimore's Dave McNally the whole carries a colon W. J. R. Detroit al que line died today at the age of eighty five NFL draft remains scheduled for later this month it will be a virtual draft team personnel will work from home they will all be separately located group gatherings prohibited and the fellows all decade team announced today Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers the quarterbacks Brady one of eight unanimous selection as the others Adrian Peterson JJ watt von Miller Arent Donald Joe Thomas and marshal Yanda the British open cancel today first time since nineteen forty five the open championship will not be played the masters technically reschedule for November twelfth through fifteenth PGA championship scheduled now to begin August sixth and the U. S. open re scheduled to begin September seventeenth at winged foot but usually with no national championship game my Virginia Cavaliers will be reigning champions for another year.

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