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Still being charged with murder come morning the final details to be worked out for Seattle's new budget and it includes a call for the auditor to review the municipal court which has been under fire for allowing repeat offenders back on the street budget committee chair Sally bag Joss is judges say they can help if they have more tools like the city's diversion program where hopeful that in our criminal justice just the entire process that we're keeping more people out of jail and getting people on to a healthier lifestyle there was also discussion of moving money for police recruitment and retention to programs that help young people avoid violence budget committee takes its final vote Tuesday the full council vote is the following Monday improved customer service and accountability for disabled and elderly transit riders come was Ryan Harris tells us about the new king county metro access contract metro will pay MV transportation four hundred twenty four million dollars over five years with accountability behind the change to one contractor the new contract is only a couple weeks old but transit writers union general secretary Katy Wilson says heard a lot of reports the long time spent on board problems that we were hoping not to hear about that new service the trans union is worried the contract doesn't do enough to hold them be accountable but metro mobility director Chris Claire says there will be penalties for late rights after a ninety day grace period on the transition of this magnitude you're always going to run into little glitches every step of the way they've had not just their staffs bulletins into their leadership within at the table the contract also includes online right scheduling starting next year and the goal of same day scheduling Ryan Harris como news in employee of the main hospital in Auburn has been diagnosed with tuberculosis the person worked in the multi care medical centers childbirth center Dr in Matthews is twenty seven adults and twenty six new bird newborns may have been.

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