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Teeth and entrepreneurship by by selling burritos. And and diet cokes to construction workers. I learned all that stuff about entrepreneurship, and and marketing and PNL's and all that stuff at it wasn't even in dental practice. So there's lots of resources out there yet. And I think that I think one of that that's so key because the things that you laid out there, and Dr Koss could into hey, sign up for become a client would he gave? You was. He gave you knowledge that you can use every day for either free. And I can I can attest to this dental podcast into new podcast all the podcasts, Dr causes cock about their so much knowledge in those the you couldn't think you can listen. All of them. Bring all Ian. Like there's so much of knowledge in the book. Just like you said those books have so much knowledge in that. You don't have to go out and spend a million dollars to learn how to run your business successful. You can be taken the clinical skills in learning. Those while getting a lot of this information early on in your career even dental school. You know, before you start your career for little to no cost just a wealth of knowledge of people because Pete anyway, you found people that have found success want to give back they wanna share that knowledge in they wanna give it to people in. So either so much knowledge out there in all those who put those in shows because that's a lot of info that people can get those books that you laid out the book via the bulletproof dental practice like that when really really whale. Love the time today industry, Dr Malloy in really really good book so on knowledge there. Hey, Chris, can I can I share my favorite for business books that I recommend? Actually, these are books that are mandatory reading for all Mike. Clients before they start working with me. The first one is the EMA three visited by Michael Gerber? That's about system ising any small business. That's a great one. The next one is four disciplines of execution by Sean Covey, who's the son of the lake rate. Stephen covey. The next one is called extreme ownership by Jaakko, willing and Jaakko Willink was the lead commanding officer, the lead seal in charge of the battle of Ramadi in in Iraq. He's a navy seal. Incredible incredible book about leadership, and then the last one is the ultimate sales machine by the late Chet Holmes and talks about educational selling and and how to structure a really effective marketing campaign. So those are the four books that are mandatory reading for anybody. That's actually going to pay me money to do a coaching with me they have to read those books. I 'cause then we're speaking the same language where on the same level as far as some of these terms that I throw out all the time. Yeah. Love those to read the myth revisited of three revamp extreme ownerships one of my favorites. Baath are tested that as a phenomenal book in. Then he said, we're four. Disciplines of execution. Yeah. By Sean, cubby, ultimate sales machine would definitely hit that he read the the economy leadership by Jaakko just finished it. I just finished a very very good one book. I love that. I'm in love the leadership team training aspect of everything. So I like Jaakko were literally will. Attorney knowledge here what they like to talk about. What is another question the drill bits? What's in the biggest success career? You know, I have to say that the biggest success. My create is not. And I looked to this before it's not financial at all. It was the other side of my of my breakdown when I decided that you know, I just couldn't handle this anymore. The realization that all asset to aspects of my life outside of finances were starting to crumble that my relationships were falling apart that my team didn't think very very highly of me. You know, I wasn't healthy. I wasn't spiritually healthy. I think on the other side of that when I re booted, and I figured out that you know, life is more important than just, you know, zeroes in your Bank account when I figured that out. I had a really nice. Refresh reboot. And at that point..

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