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Often you know we hear them sale we just want to be representative running the ball we just want it and that's fine if you're even doing that but they're not doing that there's no fear of the run from this football team there's another third and one yesterday where they tried to on the ground and couldn't get it done uh golden tate after the game said matthew stafford is on the ground too much getting hit too much and there's no question that's true and i'm not just talking about the injury i'm talking about the fact that probably related to the fact that you are not running game he's getting hit way to dimensional you once you mentioned the defense just doesn't even have to blink taking about you're running game but that's a problem it then you know defensively the defence of lined is is not pressuring the quarterback joe flaco had all day back there yesterday to throw any quarterback in this league if you give him that much time they're gonna hurt you in a quarterback of joe flack owes caliber it's not even a question then you know you can look back at they don't bush still not stopping the run you can look back at the injury a whole loading not eu to look at the injury to carry hide or you can look at you know anything you want but it's just not happening um you know defensively they're rookie linebacker now has to be taken out certain situations because you know at this point in his career at least he's not effective in defending the past so it's just a lot of things that have snowballed to the point where overall they're just not playing good football right now it's certainly not good no football to win it your point steve yes go back to the beginning of october when they beat minnesota it was a huge road win but since then the vikings have delivered and alive regardless of all of this at stats with the story this season has been you are we so danny you're.

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