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15. Good morning. I'm Tony Cruise along with Officer Dwight Mitchell from the Louisville Metro Police Department. Officer Mitchell perspective so much. Thank you for coming on board with us again. This point hope you're doing well. I am doing well, Tony and good morning to you and all the listeners. Let's start with that 74 year old man that passed in his Johnny neighborhood due to crossfire from a shooting. Was this with gangs and have you had anybody? Describe what happened to you any witnesses thus far. Well, partly what you're saying is true that it was 74 year old man that was shot and killed outside his home. As a result, what we believe was a strain round from crossfire shooting that was happening outside of this home at that time in the 600 block of us at 41st Street. Um, obviously because we don't know where these individuals are. We don't know what their affiliations were, but certainly what we do know that they were firing at each other for whatever purpose that that was, which served No Purpose of them. Someone are losing their life senselessly in this. Obviously, this isn't the first time this happened in our community. But every time it happens, it should be a A definitely filling in all of our hearts of regardless of age, creed or color. When this happens, it should, uh permeating the heart. The bus If we saw something to say something somebody heard something any tip that you could give us certainly even called anonymous tip hotline in facts and boil MPD. Are you some of the hot spike card that you can mail into us any way that you want to bless us in terms of giving us information? We'll certainly take it and using hope we find the person the person responsible for this. And add that you'll be blessing these families so that they could see the people that have been the perpetrators. You know, receive justice. Uh, that's just my editorial comment on that, But I don't want to ask you a couple of things we have seen our new chief Erica Shields. This'll week has had major Kim Burbank Brink, who was a major move down now to a lieutenant. Another officer has been indicted on perjury charges are WHOA and I know that obviously, it's very early for the new chief to be totally involved or part of this, although, as I understand it. Erica Shields was involved in the demotion of major Curt Kim Burbank here. What does that do to morale? And also, how does she work when officers see that happen in their own ranks? How does she work? To encourage them. T O get on board with what she's trying to do here. You know, Tony, I think in any organization anytime new leadership comes in, that's gonna be a certain amount of skepticism. And certainly Chief Field is not in the end of that. And she even stated that publicly. I'm gonna thinks he's sending a very strong message early on, Uh, obviously, that she's all about transparent fish is all about doing the right thing. Uh, in her statement regarding, um Lieutenant Barbara, and she clearly stated that on the bites of her senior staff could she even sent the level that she wasn't here during that period of based on information, gotten an investigation that took place that was invested interest in the police department to him or her to lieutenant, but the final sentence in that statement, But she said that she still believes that looking bird brink will be able to serve our community and she always has been many years. She's been on there. Just in the capacity of lieutenant and she's behind and hope everything goes well, so there's also the compassion she has in it. So in regards to your question in terms of what officers may think, even though, uh, you know what she did suffer demotion. But in the same sentence if there was still believing you're still completely could be a viable part by police department And I would think that's in any organization might have made a mistake. But you still can't go forward. You still can contribute still could do great things. And that's what we're gonna do. We're gonna move forward. We have a new leader. Our time will tell on everything, and she's always said as well. But, you know, I believe obviously, our hearts in the right place and we shall see What? I always appreciate your frankness and thank you again for joining us on this Friday. Little Metro police performance Dwight Missiles of spokesperson extraordinaire here this morning in Kentucky this morning years and we wish all of you. Who are our police officers have a safe weekend and wish you the best because you're we know you're working for us. Appreciate you 20 after seven. Kentucky Ana's morning news. I am Tony Guzman was Scott Fitzgerald, who's gotta check on sports Coming your way Next. Will Clark has headlines in Tim that's staked him because And just a little bit 7 45 the weekly jobless claims came out. We're gonna report from bankrate dot com. Smart Hamrick about what we're looking at there and what he thinks about the administration's gonna do to address in front of them or all that coming up. You need to get something. Have minuses clicks with hope Unit up when it begins, Um Indio, the Roy Rogers restaurants, the steak and cheese sandwich is back..

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