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First half. Everly. 20 back to something knocked so 48 to go. Twist his ankle early. In the game came back played fairly well. Quit cooking the game for the first time tonight for the L. A Lakers. He's Oh, he's a shooter. Much else. But shoot the rock PJ has it throws it inside the arc over the mason Plumlee, not a bull bowl. He shoots right over. Dudley Jump shots up on you. Little moved there, but bull Nuggets down 1 20 to 103 2.5 left to go in the basketball game. I love side is Kuzma Kuzma has it's top of the key overto Dudley Dudley. Hands it off behind him. Overto Cook back now in the corner to J. R. Smith. Smith Step back three knocked out Oh, it's good suit. Across the timeline is Dozer throws it off over to Daniel's. Daniels was on the high right side with quarter. He's got it out there by Cook Crossover move, blow by layup is up and in. That's what I mean. Can't defend worth a little Daniel. Evacuate away Coming. L a Lakers My left side. It's J. R. Smith again now guarded by Bole Bole taken three over that one's no good. Rebound comes down to Michael Porter Jr 100 seconds left to go in game number one in the corner. Daniels for three. That's good. He's on the board. 1 23 2108 is the score. Across the time line. This Quinn cook guarded out there by PJ Dozer. It goes to the left hand stops. It's a pic from Javale McGee. Offensive foul illegal pick on Javelin.

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