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That's one eight hundred two two two one two two. Okay boy I I got a couple of things to complain about. I don't know if I've done this yet. On the two trillion dollar package there is a piece of that that has hundred and seventy billion dollars for real estate investors which lifts the cap on how much depreciation they can deduct from their taxes. Who's that for? A hundred and seventy billion dollars for real estate investors. So who's that for well The committee on taxation which is under the finance committee in the Senate Didn't analysis of this this one hundred seventy billion dollars. Eighty two percent of the benefits of it are going to go to people who make over a million dollars a year income over a million dollars a year income are going to get eighty two percent of the hundred and seventy billion dollars. Why is that in there? Why is that in? There is it because Somebody made a deal if you. I don't know if you save Boeing we'll let you do that. I don't know how that gets in. I don't know if you look at who that helps. Who Real Estate Real estate investors? There's a lot of them in New York. There's a lot of them all over the place. I suppose okay the average Benefit they get is one point six million dollars. That's to those people why why why we are going to have trouble in this country with people getting enough to eat and for some reason the United States Senate thought that people who make over a million dollars a year annually another one point six five million dollars in tax breaks. That's just corrupt. Something's wrong there. That is corrupt and this is from. George packers article in the coming up in June two thousand twenty Atlantic the articles. We are living in a failed state quote this when the virus came here found a country was serious underlying conditions and exploited them ruthlessly chronic ills a corrupt political class. A sclerotic bureaucracy. A heartless economy a divided and distracted public. It took the scale and intimacy of the pandemic to expose their severity to shock Americans with the recognition that we are in the high risk category. This pandemic exposes our country as a failed state and this may be the end of America. This may be the end of America. Obviously it didn't have to be this bad that we had a president of the United States who ignored ignored it all for a good six weeks if not two months who was warned was worn by the HHS secretary and he told the HHS secretary. You're being alarmist and I really really want to focus on flavored vaping. That's what I really WANNA get. Flavored vaping flavored. Vaping is the end of America. I kind of knew that by the way I've always said that all right we have a great one today. You know a change and important one too you know for once. That's because my guests are billy and Debbie shore brother and sister who thirty five years ago started to share our strength a nonprofit which works solve the problems of hunger and poverty in the United States and around the world. And frankly share our strength is one of these goody goody organizations helps people in need if you're into that type of thing as I said they've been doing this for thirty five years and ten years ago. They created a national program. No Kid hungry. And because here on the Al Franken podcasts. Were trying to put some focus on are vulnerable during this crisis. We decide to have billion Debbie. Tell us about what they're doing and Yada Yada Yada K. Actually is pretty inspiring. Forgot to say and after listening. I think you're going to want to help them. In fact I'm making a sizeable contribution to no kid hungry myself. Okay not me. It's my political action committee. Twenty Five Thousand Bucks speaking of which were also given twenty five thousand. Two women's advocates a shelter for victims of domestic abuse in Saint Paul Minnesota. And if you go to my website. Al Franken DOT COM. You can find a video for women's advocates where I draw a map of the United States from memory. And Show you how to do it and you can enter the raffle and win.

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