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Facebook no broadcasting from the underground command post from the files of the hidden somewhere under the brick and steel over nondescript building we have once again made contact without a leader the end hello I'm mark live in our number eight seven seven three eight one three eight one one eight seven seven three eight one three eight one one the reason the president is upset with Twitter you should be upset which water is because he supports free speech with that media outlets from CNN and MSNBC and far more than that demanding the Twitter rejects free speech look folks we can't have people sitting there deciding if something is misleading or not misleading somethings are not that clear but when you have a debate it's not about leading misleading or not misleading it's about promoting a viewpoint and promoting ideas and promoting an approach intruders made what I consider in the long running fatal step here it's going to now be an arbitrator it's supposed to be a site where people can communicate with each other pretty much whatever they want you know as long as it's not **** is long it's it's not criminal that's what free speech is about we used to understand this I can remember long long time ago when the ACLU when the editorial pages of our major metropolitan newspapers we defend **** and neo **** and Klansmen marching in Jewish neighborhoods in black neighborhoods I remember that I remember when people used to say look this is a point the speech but I support the speech because it's a slippery slope to start regulating this stuff no this isn't a first amendment issue because Twitter is not the government but it is a free speech if you hold yourself out to the public as effectively a communications platform well don't hold yourself out as a communications platform you're making money off of all of us all of us use Twitter to their ads through selling information about us they make an enormous amount of money I mean this guy who founded tutors a multi billionaire look I don't have any problem with it the a multi billionaire big deal but I do have a problem when they treat the president the way they're treating the president because he he rejects voting by mail as to why look folks this is the way voting was supposed to work you show up in person physically you show an identification that has to match with your face then you can vote to make sure you are who you say you are we do in fact have a history in this country of illegal voting how do you think Lyndon Johnson became a United States senator how do you think Joe Kennedy senior through West Virginia and cook county this isn't a joke these things happen they really do I wave elections that are very very close sometimes for the United States Senate Congress and for president and we have the Democrat party that has been for decades now gaming the system trying to figure out ways to take advantage of the voting process can you name one time in the last twenty years that the Democrat party at the national level or even just a little bit I'm familiar at the national level that is proposed anything to ensure that those who vote are supposed to vote or that the ballots are protected I can't think of any we get earlier and earlier voting forty five days before the election I mean somebody could have a heart attack and died you've already voted what do you need about forty five days before the election now we have your vote can count a week after the election called harvesting so what do they do they flip six or seven grade school districts in California we're watching this one not not so here we are the war on China virus and what's come out of this this push for voting by mail the Democrats push it to the media push media push it so that Democrats push and they say there's no evidence there's no evidence the people can cheat there's more evidence about voter fraud through mail than there is about climate change manmade climate change this much I can say but there wasn't many wasn't even that long you know sixteen years ago who's on C. span who rejected this kind of outing was paper ballots period let alone vote by mail because there is no serious way to oversee vote by mail.

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