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Out in the movie at five oh five we're going to be talking with ABC's. Serena Marshall, the one hundred sixteenth congress is now in session already getting to work and things are already heating up. Then at six o five is handle on the news Senator Dianne Feinstein is given a bit of a snub to fellow California lawmaker come LA Harris will tell you that let's start with some of the stories coming out of the twenty four hour KFI newsroom attorneys general from all across the country of banded together to fight. The ruling of a federal judge in Texas, the Affordable Care Act is unconstitutional. California's AG heavy Arba Sarah says he formed the coalition because the ruling threatens the entire healthcare system in the US impact doctors or hostile certainly Medicaid Medicare affordable prescription drugs women's health therapy. It's for Sarah says there are seventeen attorneys general challenging the ruling, but that number will probably grow. They filed the appeal yesterday the teacher's union for the school district has rejected a new offer to avoid a strike the school district's latest concession was to spend another thirty million dollars to reduce class sizes and add staff but union president Alex Caputo Pearl says that's not good enough. What it would mean is just one extra staff member at only one third of the district schools. That's woefully inadequate. Our students deserve more. Did you sides are planning to meet Monday? The teacher's union says it's prepared to go on strike next Thursday, Andrew. Glenn beck. KFI news. The district filed papers in federal court yesterday to try to block special education, teachers and support staff from walking out the district says more than sixty thousand students in L A rely on special Ed services, the teacher's union called it the legal equivalent of a hail Mary pass and said the district is using its most vulnerable students is ponds a seventy one year old former follower of Charles Manson has been recommended for parole. A couple years after he was denied Robert Beausoleil fatally stabbed a musician in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine into panga canyon. He used the man's blood to write the message political piggies on the wall. It's believed to be the first of the Manson family murders. Governor Brown has consistently refused to release Manson family members. Gavin Newsom takes over next week. A Mercedes-Benz SUV has plunged three stories after a crash through the wall of a parking structure in north Hollywood. The one hundred twenty thousand dollar car landed on its roof on the road below. The driver was taken to the hospital overnight. But police say he is stable alert and talking he told the cops something got stuck in the car which caused it to accelerate. Police say it does not appear to be a DUI situation. The mayor of Englewood says he's watching rent increases closely. Even though the new Rams chargers stadium is still two years away. Mayor James, but says if an outside company wants to come in and raise rents until a building full of people has to move, then you're going to add to your costs of doing business relocation assistance. You know in the area of ten thousand dollars or more for everyone. They can't pay these new rents he says, maybe they'll be rent caps. But he says that's different from local property owners who charged below market rates for years. We had no intention of ever punishing those people and seeing well now that finally you're properties were something. You can't get more create rats in Inglewood Corbin. Carson KFI news. The chargers opened the playoffs in Baltimore Sunday morning. It's a rematch of a game. The chargers lost at stub hub two weeks ago, author and former NFL executive, Mike. Lombardy says LA needs to contain the ravens QB charters were getting a chance to learn about you know, they can simulate the speed of Lamar Jackson and kind of what he was able to do to them when they played the last time. But I think more than anything I think the chargers could reevaluate what their third down plan was they were four for thirteen in that game. The last time they played which wasn't good. You know, they held under two hundred yards one hundred ninety eight yards tar game. So charge them a lot of work getting back to where they need to. And they've got to be able to continue to make sure they can understand what the speed of the defense of the offense is when Lamar Jackson on the center Lombardi told the petro some money show on AM five seventy sports too cold could be a factor. Whether it does affect the football. It does affect the past game to feel the slipperiness of the field because of the grass doesn't grow in the northeast or in the midwest. So it is I think certainly it catches up. I mean people start to play differently and how you adjust as alternately the teams that separate themselves. Free game starts at eight Sunday morning here on KFI kick off just after ten Aaron bender KFI news. When we come back. We'll be talking with ABC's. Serena Marshall, the new congress is in session and the fights are already shaping up the right now, it's time for traffic.

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