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Well first news I'm Chris Miller on your official weather well a weather tonight clear to partly cloudy skies for this evening at tonight clear and chilly as we head into the overnight lows in the forties and fifties no thirties overnight but increasing clouds in a warmer day tomorrow more coming up from your local weather expert Chris Franklin a history making day in Jefferson parish ladies and gentleman it is with incredible pride that are present to you our new parish president scintillation he says there's no doubt he is where he belongs that was clear during the transition over the last several weeks I have had more fun in the past couple weeks and I've had in ten years because this is the type of work that I love and it's such an incredible opportunity that you have given me she says being the only woman ever elected Paris president in Jefferson strengthened her resolve to make a difference and I'm humbled by this historic election Dave co in W. W. well first news the entire Jefferson parish council and other elected officials also took the oath of office today the owners of the collapse hard rock hotel went before the city council historic district landmarks commission this morning to request to tear down the damage structure along with three historic buildings but and we're here today to request a deferral how we are in a very fluid situation where we face challenges and changes on a nearly daily basis the committee deferred action until next month some speakers asked for a third party analysis be three adjacent properties to see if they can be saved from the wrecking ball there's some confusion as to whether or not retailers can sell tobacco products to eighteen year olds in Louisiana after a federal law raise the age to twenty one Louisiana's alcohol and tobacco commissioner one Lombard says it's legal under state law but you could beat busted by the feds for doing this she says we hope to get more clarity from the FDA so retailers could know their rights right now they seem to be in a state of confusion some states are standing by their state law some states are adopting the federalizing a lot probably has to do with the way that their state statutes are written the lack of FDA guidance also leaves questions about potential exemptions for military members or others unclear in the WW well forecast a nice night tonight with temperatures not quite as cold will be dropping into the forties and fifties no thirties are expected overnight and mostly cloudy skies on the way tomorrow with warmer temperatures as high as get in the low seventies your eighty degrees and muggy on Friday breezy as well with a forty percent chance for scattered showers and storms especially the latter part of the day and a ninety percent chance for storms early on Saturday early Saturday is also going to be our greatest risk of severe weather main focus should be on the north shore and into Mississippi the both sides of the lake we'll have to watch for the potential of some small hail strong winds and isolated tornadoes good news is by mid day and certainly into the afternoon on Saturday rain will be ending it looks like we'll be dry for Sunday from your weather expert forecast center I'm WBAL TV chief meteorologist Chris Franklin I'm Chris Miller W. W. well first news W. W. well sports flash W. W. all sports watches brought to you by but light official beer of the saints keep it crisp Diane Williamson inching closer to his NBA debut with the New Orleans pelicans but while he's making strides in practice he's not quite ready yet and coach Alvin gentry cautions even when he does finally get on.

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