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By four million dollars, twenty percent otherwise he automatically becomes a free agent. I just can't see any scenario in which build a wit and the cardinals front office with yachties team as long as everyone's fairly reasonable does not. Come to an agreement to bring him back I. Just I can't see it because more than anything two year deal. He still really good player added a really really scarce position. Well, the way I look at it from a baseball perspective taking money out of the equation is that. If Andrew Kisner wasn't here. In twenty twenty with all the doubleheaders that they had and matt leaders was hobbling around on basically one leg. that. Tells me that they don't think he was ready. And then that tells me then is he ready next year to be the everyday catcher and give you one hundred twenty starts or one, hundred ten? Probably, not so they still value him as in everyday catcher, and there's no reason to think that he couldn't be keeps himself in great shape. My concern would be in the dollars and cents aspect of this Common Sense approach is that there was nobody at the Ballpark we don't know about the budgetary constraints of the cardinals. I. Don't see their books, but I do know that no one was at the ballpark. And this goes across the board for the cardinals in every other major, League team..

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