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I mean. i don't know that. I want to be a super steady presence in the race. It's as i said yesterday. I do like a little card. Diversity like a little distance and surface diversity. Because i do think it keeps things fresh. I don't know that betters will be crazy. The synthetic surfaces in general. I don't think we're wildly loved. Some people loved him. I liked him in some situations. But if they're us more so as a you know occasional thing or hey we want to give the turf course. A few weeks but mostly. I think it's most useful as a rain off the turf thing because you can a lot of the i can still run and you can keep field size. That's for tracks. I mean that's paramount. Those you know we had the off the turf week at colonial downs and a couple of days where we still handle light. One point something million each day but you know our average two point five and so you know you put in a couple of three and four horsfield's and people just don't want them and they shouldn't by the way you shouldn't wanna bet three or four horsfield so for gulfstream. You know if they can avoid those big rainouts in the summertime where they get rain too often three or four horses stick and instead six seven eight nine stick. I mean you're talking about an extra. I mean hundreds of hundreds of thousands of dollars per race extra that will be bet as opposed to not bet so makes sense in that you know. In that sense i mean. Of course there of course was so wide lush beautiful does that make colonial now the whitest her of course in the country i think it might gulfstream think was bigger but maybe not Anyways let's take a quick break when we come back. The jury guys will join us. We'll do some weekend previewing a little bit later. It is a friday edition first of october. The jason beam horse racing podcast brought.

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