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Looked that's ten grand. Is it yeah just looked so. I think as you know. I don't condone this sort of behavior at all. I don't understand it. Actually confused by a change at the time. Now i went through a twelve minute. Human resources video to To make sure that. I understand that i should understand on the nfl network ticker in our food. Yeah we're back point. I'm very well aware of what's on the bottom line. I repeat there was a twelve minute. Long video slash. You know answer questions session would have been in that meeting. I'll take that bet with jack which that why. Why would i mean. They're you're only putting up a dollar iphone ten on ten. He also said if the cowboys didn't do this that the other thing coming we're still wear. He doesn't dallas cheerleader outfit. We're still waiting. He loves his cowboys. He does how many in rappaport saying earlier they got a deep roster he thinks never terrific season takes a nice chunk out of the pat thank thank. Tj's like he doesn't. I'm just tomorrow man. We got sleep and then all questions show be answered. No no one cares what i got to say on this opinion out there. So we'll do we'll do our talking on a are you not the proprietor of a new segment called the tj's big ass grab it was. Apparently that's the name of it. You know that's recall a tj's top five because there's five thanks that's fine five things in your big ass grab back to you by big ass grab see. Hopefully tomorrow guys football okay. Well so excited. Let's take a break come back. There's some interesting questions to who's got a c. On their chest. And who does not i saw who has a c. on his chest already and it's great for.

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