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Follows me for some reason on Twitter. I always thought Chris Myers was pretty cool. But he he had a face. He was like, oh we did. He say what did he say? Like normally the reporter. We'll see live TV or now he didn't even get a chance to because he said it and then he walked off. He was interviewing the Rams starting quarterback, and he had the Mike towards him. And then he sees the other player and keep to leave walking up, and he's like shouting stuff saying something about snatching souls because I guess one of the Cowboys players and said that that's what what's going to happen. And then he's like nobody's gonna you know, Dabo bland Chris Myers had shifted the microphone towards a keeps Aleve. You know, he was going to say something he's gonna join in. Yeah. Right. Right. And so he says that and then you just see Chris Marsh kind of like slowly move the mic away. Oh, man. Yeah. And the cameras. I don't know anything from anything when the NFL. I mean, keep till he is somebody that has plagued long enough that I watched him play for years ago. Whatever he's been the lead probably ten years by now, he would know what the camera and the microphone mean. Yeah. He just doesn't care. Clearly, that's horrible. I I I just hate when people do that because they know. Now is there? No delay an NFL football. At least have a five second delay. I guess not least not at that moment. There wasn't or the guy didn't have his finger on the dump button right on the after the game interviews have your finger on the dump button. We're not asking a here. So that's very interesting. Eight eight eight nine four one pags joepags dot com. Glad to have you here. Got a lot going on the sell a lot of stories that I want to get to before. I do that before I get into it. I'm gonna talk about care of your kids online presence. And the reason why there was a young girl twelve years old allegedly kidnapped by what twenty one or twenty two year old guy not far from San Antonio. In fact, I think south San Antonio. And then they found very quickly. She's fine. What was it George west, George? What what is George west? Now. That's where she was from this Russia was kidnapped towards okay. Okay. So again, have you seen her Facebook page? I have not. Over sexualize. There's basically almost pornography on it. Oh, her her descriptions of loving this twenty something year old guy, and she's twelve. Oh, well, so I wanna talk about your kids online presence, and what you should be doing about it in just a second boat. Got people holding on to want to talk about we talked about last hour, and I don't want to skip them. Dom isn't Minnesota Dom? I appreciate you. What's going on? Yeah. Hey, thanks for taking my call. I've been I've been kinda busy taking more immoral fence. So that my neighbor's dog can poke in my yard. That's nice. Yeah. You take your immoral racist fence. That's right. It is suspended in impact. He has said, hey, you raise it down because I don't have enough for my dog because that's right. Exactly. Right. So I understand that Nancy Pelosi is wall was breached by conservative activist and to illegal. I'm waiting to see what happens conservative activists that you've heard on this program. Many times Laura Luma Carey story. Allure allure. Are we going to fill look? Okay. We'll do that in a minute. What else you got? Yeah. I think you know, the New York Times called Trump Russian agent. I wonder I'm wondering if we can extend the same logic to Hillary UNC sold uranium one to Putin. Our Unabomber delivered two billion dollars earnings. How come we Don bothering must getting them? That's I mean, I know the answer to that the bigger issue for me is that these issues do not seem to ever stick to the liberals in that. They don't seem to be paying as much of a political price as Trump are other conservatives now just go figure mis- mis- Cortez. Okay. Your caucus Twitter following is second only to Trump. And if that's true, it doesn't speak well of how informed American citizens are. That's the sad part for me that the Trump in his first two years has done more positive things. In terms of the roaring economy. Presented forum tax cuts immigration, cutting regulation. Not enough people seem to be paying attention to that. And last point I want to make people like Elizabeth Warren court case Bernie Sanders. Achy Pelosi Chuck. No more hell all benefited immensely from our free enterprise system. And yet keeps fueling their priest up garbage. And they no it doesn't work, and they know it's a lie. People seem to be buying into it. You know, I hope there's enough people like you need to tip the balance towards sanity and how we can preserve the system. We'll keep on. We'll keep on trying. I appreciate you. Happy new year. Yeah. We'll keep on tryin. That's the goal is to push sanity versus insanity. Logic versus illogic knowledge versus lack of when you see a Cossio Cortes. I think she's funny. That's how ignorant she comes off as there are people out there who think that she's telling the truth or think that she's right? There's a quote that is attributed to her. And I don't know if it's true. So I'm going to say it before I say it on the air that I'm not sure if it's true, but it's something to the effect of I would rather be morally correct than factually, right? So I mean, if it's true, I mean, somebody said it, but they're they're saying that a Qazi of Cortez. First of all, it's almost too intelligent for her to say. But if she did say, it what it means is how I feel and what my moral value system is is way more important than how the economy really works. Then how the unemployment rate really works. Then how paying for free everything really works that doesn't matter my morals, and my values are more important than that, which doesn't make sense because I have a moral value system too. But it's based on right versus wrong as described by our Lord. So I'm not I'm not sure how you can say. I'm morally, right? But I'm factually wrong that that to me would be very odd. It's edited eight nine four one pags joepags dot com. What do you have Bloomberg from Newsweek, right wing activists, Laura? Luma reportedly jumped the fence around Senate majority leader Nancy Pelosi is California house on Monday and set up a tent to protest according to a reporter from the Daily Beast quote. Luma's walked off the stream on our way to Pelosi's house. Whenever crew is claiming it's legal to jump the fence because there were no, no trespassing signs. I don't know about that. The reporter will summer tweeted around three PM eastern time one of numerous palaces, urging viewers to come and ask for sanctuary at Pelosi's house. He claims to be allowed to stay in won't get in trouble. Because quote, we're not and continued and Laura Luma's back and saying she tried to open the doors to Pelosi's house, but they were locked the seems like an unwise thing to be admitting is quoted aluminum was kicked off Twitter in November after criticizing Minnesota Representative Ilan, Omar who's the first Somali American elected to congress or tweet said that women are abused and forced to wear the he job Alon is anti Jewish. According to the Daily Beast and the writing activists subsequently staged a protest by handcuffing herself to Twitter headquarters in Manhattan, saying I've been silenced in America. She's literally on Nancy Pelosi's land. Yeah. She's opening the or trying to open the doors tip Lozi's house. Because Laura aluminum care apparently be arrested. Trying to get arrested on the on the Twitter thing it didn't happen. I think that they they pressed any charges, but she got to be arrested this time, and that's going to actually achieve her goal. She gets arrested for doing exactly what Nancy Pelosi wants to illegal illegal aliens to do in this country. I mean, that's going to be a really strong message. Good to see how that plays out. We'll keep an eye on it for sure it's eight eight eight nine four one eight nine four one seven two four seven joepags dot com. We'll talk about your your kids online presence when we come back. And it's really important that you're gonna thank bats. And no brainer. Pags. I'm here to tell you it might not be. All right Joe pags show coming right back. Stay here..

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