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Come what you're sorta side effects f y you're taking some sort of nar can sorta helps people not yet no no it's it's get hooked on opioids no causes liver toxicity hold on hold on well everything called like all everything causes respiratory depression yeah i'm fine everything's fine cleese taking the three of them oh my god no you're supposed to take ten okay sit down with the most drink taste it does taste like actually first time i had this it was as a t and it tastes like really bad much aotea that you would get like making them your they're they're it's it's trying stop god or ten your shit take ten no because look they're just giant whore their pills powder alex alex coastas nauseous the patient's spine everything spy no allergies taking them stocked up it's too many oh my god what is this rate crate cray cray tim paine toxicity let's see intestinal problems muscle pains coughing diarrhea also withdraw you'll get withdrawal withdrawal that's that's like like couldn't nobody if you had with a much to drink can elicit pain relief and euphoria i was going to be high during all work shirt sure the full pharmacological street signs that's cool logical properties of crate helm are not properly understood that's nice oh my god rachel remains a great deal of debate over the safety of the drug detection in body this same thing is in fact the national institute drug abuse has identified as an emerging drug of abuse.

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