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Concerned that you guys are asking me questions and I'll answer next week when I miss something. Who concerned Let's break it down, folks. Why I'm concerned. That you folks are asking me questions that I'm going to answer next week. You guys got the memo? You know, And I'm supposed to ask me questions off the script. By the way is Acosta running around like his hair's on fire? Hey, we're the press. And you have to answer our question. No, no. Hey, he'll answer him next week. Yeah. Yes, Correct. Why is it so difficult for you to add an s after hard consonant. Listen, listen. Hey, man, it's July. 4th, man. Look, Listen. You know what bothers me or worries me is that you're not happy because all you're focusing on our questions that I'm going to answer next week about the way I pluralized the word mask And look, this show has been doing a great job in Atlanta, and the audience just keeps getting bigger and bigger. We're getting out of Afghanistan and I'm not here to questions about Afghanistan, but Show is doing great and hey, man, come on. It's it's time for hot dogs and hamburgers by by the 5 16 cents Have you have you? Did you see that? By the way, Greg not to be political here, but they don't know that This is joking up, but they put out a tweet this morning. I broke Either. They had their own sense of humor there, bragging in this tweet that a typical Barbecue July 4th barbecue this weekend is going to cost 16 cents less than last year. Okay, That's gotta be a joke. Math there. It has to be a joke, but what you're gonna do some quick math. And what year was Biden born? And I'll see what 16 cents was worth that's like, Hey, man. Hey, back then you've got licorice whip at the store after later like you. You got next one if you were smart mouth You were shoplifters, shoplifters. She called the cops. Look, Don't be a smart man. He's smart mouth, old lady Johnson, her husband coming around with a broom handle and wacky antibiotics them more. Exactly. All right, we have to 16. There's certain audio. Greg, we have you here. You have to be a part of this. Don't ask Greg. The most interesting thing going on the world right now. Today has to be the billionaires who are racing to die in space. This is weird. Well, I mean the death race. This is the Jeff Ba Zoe's first of all, Mr Branson. This guy has been trying to kill himself at hot air balloons since the eighties hasn't succeeded. So Richard Branson. He makes his announcement. He's going to beat Jeff Beso said. The space by a week or something. I am so proud to have this remarkable crew of mission specialists and pilots by my side as we fly to space. That it's best and then by my side has been crashed to the Earth and burn in a fiery pet. Rich rich do death rays then Jeff Bastos. Not only is he going and a week later, these are the first flights first commercial flights for these rock these things he's taking his brother. He's uh he's what's her name? I love Wally Funk. I love this name, which is 82 great story. Apparently they did train during the mercury missions. Women women who are supposed to go into space, and then it was canceled. So she was totally trained in the early sixties to go into space. She's 82 now, Jeff Bezos is taking her We're gonna and wait to finally die very first flight. I.

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