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And and we're looking to add value and talent at every position. Not just running back but We've done this last couple years and we're GONNA continue with this process. Really been really honest over the last few years he kind of. Use it for your by your thing. Have you talked to him expecting evacuated applying next year? You know I saw at the end of the year when we had our exit physicals and had a chance to sit down with him. And you know I think Kelsey is in a really good place With every player especially veteran players. I want them to take time. You know be be with their families. Get Away from the game. You know refresh recharge and we'll we'll cross those bridges but obviously we love to have you grow in one day later after you had said that maybe you had me to change what changed in that one day. I'm going to go back to. Wip interview that. I had about a week later. And you didn't well for those who did. Thank you You know that decision. Obviously I I was not clear. In what what I said in the communication level there and and I was still in my valuation process of my entire staff at the time and and so it was just You know A situation where I just misspoke and You know apologized to that was fired. You know there's Times where Of course the season of the year Thinks just Things just don't work out you know and and You know I'm constantly evaluating everybody in in my coaches. Know this coming into this into this business into this Our Organization and I have to make tough decisions. We have to do it with the players. We have to do with coaching staff. And and so. It's just made that Jeffries. There was not there was not. You know it's it's this is one of the things that I appreciate about Jeffrey. How is they give me A total control over the staff. Are they interested and do they? Do they talk to me about certain guys? WanNa talk to candidates. Sure they do I think it's it just behooves them to have all the information you know with guys that I bring into the building so they give me that that control to make these decisions and You know I gotta make the tough ones but at the same time felt like made some really good hires than spring sears. Your next you know how I think in this. There's.

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