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He should be streaking with studs on I tell you, it's, it's disappointing really what these, what these pitching bidders have come to just try to get a selfie calling me a pitch invader instead of a streaker someone's betting that streaker and credit to most television stations who don't show you. The pitch invaders is in way of not incentivizing it, be our TV, boom. Let's zoom out. Let's make sure you go real good shot at this clown. BART thought it was a substitution. It was fair so bad. That's fair. Yeah, I credit to the Athens fans. They were throwing the toilet paper early as though they expected that they wouldn't ever have another opportunity to do it. Let's start throwing it now, but because they have the track, it doesn't make it out onto the field. It just makes it onto the track. I wonder that the guy who's designated toilet paper cleanup bad. That's Gregorio put the pitch. Cleans up the toilet paper. I don't know why they're -talian now. All right. Read you have another award. You wanna give. That's it. That's all I got today. This is lesson award and more. We gotta keep an eye on this situation because today I'm really developing a who's most likely situation here between the Athens coach Marino's ozone needs the Byron Munich coach, Niko, Kovac, and of course to coal from g in in my new most likely to be a bond villain. I think two calls in the lead, but I was impressed today. There was some some serious nefarious, but like clean cut, looks of just the of your sleaziest bond villains. I'm telling you, it's, I'm still going to stick with my my pills in coach, Pablo Raba. Yeah. I mean, we'll keep an eye on it. We'll keep an eye on it. He might. He's, he's an underdog ear, fair. It's fair. He's not clean. Cut it up. He's more like the right hand, man. Yeah, like he's a, he's kind of henchmen who goes down a little bit earlier on, but he's not the guy who standing over the laser that's gonna cut like bond and half. Yeah, yeah, that's good point. Okay. I'll have to keep an eye on just saying, keep an eye on the situation. Julian niggles men. However, the the guy who ends up getting beat up early on gives away the key information like bonds just like, tell me who it is in like he's just like, oh my my velour jacket, won't protect me anymore. But he dies because it's like velour jacket gets caught in like a door. And he drowns or something. Yeah, exactly. Maybe before he can actually give up the key. Exactly the kiss. Head chopped off. We're on the same page. We're all clearly on the same page. We got some big games tomorrow. I'm how you feel about tomorrow's games because we got some big ones. We got what we PS g Napoli inter against Barcelona. Liverpool Redstar. Yeah, them to them as well. I'm excited for tomorrow. I feel like tomorrow might just give me the hit of adrenaline that today didn't quite yeah. Well, just United. We'll be playing. So that's one slot that's going to be exciting. That's fair. That is that is certainly an improvement on both the play and my emotional state. Dortmund Monaco should be good one. That's another one. And we got, we got Jerry on Reno in charge at Monaco. So we'll see if in turn it around. That is the thing that thing is first game. So maybe not such a thing. Yeah, they should have had the dead cat bounce and they didn't. So maybe this, maybe this is their bounce could very well be, but obviously we're coming at you again tomorrow with another episode. Rita look forward to talking to you about that. You can tweet at me in the meantime at max, borough pods if you want to engage with the show our website stoppage-time pod pod, being dot com. Leave. It's nice reviews on itunes. That really helps, especially because we go a couple of weeks in between episodes helps get the word out. So by means leave a nice review, read, let's let's just do this tomorrow. Sounds good. All right. Until then that's the end of stoppage-time.

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