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To introduce a single article of impeachment Monday it's titled Incitement of Insurrection, charging President Trump willfully incited violence against the government of the United States. White House statement says impeachment of the president would only further divide the country. Congressman can box says Democrats are off target in seeking impeachment proceedings Bucks says Impeachment is a grave remedy that should not be undertaken as a rushed political stunt box says while the president has exhibited poor behavior and impeachment now would be a disgrace to the constitution. And the American people. When asked about impeachment, President elect Joe Biden says it's up to Congress. I thought for a long, long time. President Trump wasn't fit to hold the job. A new 7 ft tall fences now up around the capital after this week's riots, it's designed to be impossible to climb and we'll stay up past President Elect Biden's inauguration. This is similar to the large fence that was installed during black lives matter Protests over the summer. State epidemiologist Dr Rachel Hurley. He says Colorado is seeing a slight uptick in covert numbers. There are some early signs that we are seeing a small increase so far following Christmas. It is still too soon for us to see any potential impact of New Year's Eve one in 105, Colorado, is now believed to be contagious with the virus. The world of baseball Morning. Ah, legend Tommy Lasorda, the Hall of Famer who managed the Dodgers for 21 years, has died at 93 years old Tommy Lasorda in L. A legend passing away just days after being released from the hospital. He had been hospitalized for weeks here in Southern California at the time he was in the ICU. When he got out. He was said to be resting comfortably at home, the Dodgers say. Last night he suffered cardiac A Rass, Alex Stone, ABC NEWS, Los Angeles If you want Both you have almost a billion box. Tomorrow night's Powerball jackpot up to 470 Million. Tonight's Mega Millions. Jackpot. Ah, cool 520 million on Wall Street. The Dow is up 57 NASDAQ Rose 1 35 S and P 500 up. 21. Our next news update of 4 30. I'm start your new year's smooth.

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