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Roy Shire, San Francisco, Ray Stevens discussed on The Steve Austin Show - Unleashed!


Show, why don't you share it or even leave us a rating and review? This is Steve. You're in Portland. What about eighteen months couple of years? Yeah. Couple of years, and then you go to San Francisco to work for ROY Shire, and big time, wrestling, and sixty five yeah, so I got to hear about ROY Shire, because I heard that he would just can't tankers guy he watched every single match at every single show when he was always yelling. Is this true, please explain to me about this? Roszak. Yes, sir, you want. You didn't initially like, you know, at first, you didn't like me. That's what I'm saying. Yeah. I did not like me at all at all the you notice story that I told him before I got there. Right. No. Oh, you didn't know that I wasn't Portland and in Portland pepper. Martin was used to work in San Francisco. A couple of years before that, Nick balked winkle has worked there before. So these guys are telling me back, yet to go to San Francisco and you and Ray Stevens would make a good team. I didn't even know Ray Stevens. I says, well, I don't know whether you should go there, you know. So I did the usual thing sent pictures, you know, and then I call ROY Shire, about a week or two later as Mr. Shire is like to work for you and a date, you know, Bachmann Cole told me, it'd be good and pepper. Martin said we make a good tag team. He says the boys don't do what I did not. I do today that, that I do the tell the boys what to do. They don't tell me that. Exactly. Right. You know. So I said, okay, no problem. So he gave me a date to that went to San Francisco. My first night, I had a little apartment in San Francisco to how you're going to go to Fresno. It's one hundred miles from San Francisco to Fresno to do TV. So I write about him and his pickup truck a pickup truck and got a gun. You know, you got a big wrench anyway. So go to go to do TV and after we're done TV getting a truck with him. I'm having a few beers. He goes, you bet it stopped working out. Look like shit. I said holy Christ. Almighty, you know that wasn't new it into work out thing, you know. And then he says, I heard some shit about US as what you hear your different as what do you mean different your different us as well? I'll tell you I'm gay. He said you dumb shit. You admit it as his ROY I'm going to work for you. You know, he said you're stupid is I'm not I'm just telling you. I'm bill. I'm honest with you that I got home. My friend, Louise waiting for me. I says, I don't think we're going to be here long. It tells me about work out that he's telling me about being gay Jesus Christ. And I was there, fifteen years on the on first of all, before we get to the back in, because this is when he would start hit helping you or drop and finishes on, you are just discussing finishes with you. But before that you finally ended up doing what you said you were gonna do you hooked up with Ray Stevens all turn into the blonde bombers. And if you go to the Wikipedia page when you look up cow palace, you know about the middle of thing also that happened at the cow palace professional wrestling with with race Stevens. And Pat Patterson among others would sell all the time now. So tell me about Ray Stevens, because I didn't see enough of his work, but everybody swears by that guy as where God, this kid. This guy was always a fifteen year old, no matter how old he was he was fifteen eighteen years old. He was a party guy. He was a fun guy. You know if his wife is White House him to go get a level Lofa. Read it come back two days later, but the bread. He was a party guy..

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