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Know you have to realize that that was wrong you know we are we are here said of breading and medium residents and resilience of black people and we completely ignoring the issues you know in that under represent representation in culture especially get back where we don't have enough of his issue of people of colored and and yet you doing a show about about phipps songs and using that enough people at for afford to send people telling us story expanding that story you have to be i don't know you have to be blind at some point to now realize that this is raw you know and i'm glad that it took the time to listen even even though the time it was a long time for them to finally realize it but that i was just wrong and any other statement that the vice the enron rebel gave online saying that they don't see the doc color it's just it's called it's you shouldn't be buying of collar whining subject this you know the still a trauma that people living on on a daily basis because of of slavery an america also even bake and people back here can't still to to they're not able to do at mit that they will slavery here you know so i'll could you just do and say this kind of thing you know you have to be you have to you know have to be careful and think of the consequences on the things that you do peer obviously there's been a lot of hurt and disappointment around this how do you think the montreal jazz festival should move on well just need a better you know they need a better team and then i'm not saying that they need to change the team by the need the need to have the best tools and have people do the research when when when you have people protesting about a show first of all you have to listen you know you have to take the time to listen and see what exactly you did wrong you know jake you know we have a responsibility here to ask them some question and also like listen to people and accept the evidence whether than tre ten that there's nothing wrong that and and also there was such a couple of respect of the black community was this by the justice and the by the people connected this show so i hope in in the future they will you know will do better the indo that statement saying that this the jets about bringing the all the community together and they made a mistake and i hope i'll i'll do from now on it will really do whether it's whether they are saying that they're going to do at bringing all the community together and represented all the community as they should be represented you know thanks so much for talking to us thank you for having me jump appreciate that little we'll see you again soon pier cleaners montrealbased musician his newest album is called mkhonta at the end of space beginning of time and it's made it on the longlist for this year's polaris music prize for more cbc podcasts goto cbc dot ca slash podcasts.

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