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What don't forget that point. Let's just even say thirty percent. Thirty percent of people already have some form of immunity from previous things. That's been cited the media from the beginning of this for reasons of why you might get false. Positives remember that. But let's consider that what the vaccine. Why if you already have immunity. Why of thirty of sixty percent have immunity. Why do we need vaccines. I mean sixty percent of was already low number that voucher stated community. If that's almost already there guys you get the point. This is a selective they. This is selective data break one day. It's one thing because they want to sell you on this. The next day out lies because he wants to sell you on that all you need to take it upon yourself that commits never been more clear likewise if someone already suffers from terminal illness unless the end stage events include symptoms of severe covid nineteen. It should not be counted among the causes of death. That's a briton. No brainer but that's not what's happening. A scroll through the spreadsheet and a bit of clinical knowledge support the estimate that the freedom foundation is as as a minimum number or at the the twenty percent or thirteen before that as being a minimum number meaning. It's almost i guarantee attire than that. If my opinion it is a dereliction of duty they say for the cdc and the nchs not to tailor their guidelines to the disease progression of covid nineteen infection capable of contributing to a person's death. Why wouldn't they because they're gaming the numbers and what is that doing for them. It's giving them control time to wake up lease and gentlemen. It's never been more obvious. This is where we are. Never member as whitney pointed out before at the an the flawed model stem back to imperial college. And specifically neal's ferguson. Again for the second time. And even more than that. He's been wrong like five or six times catastrophically and yet they continue to use point to him to drive us into fear. Gee that's probably his job. It seems this is a d a discredited individual who wildly got it wrong and now they bring him back to to go on the news after this and say that this is the case this is new strain is more dangerous and seventy percent more transmissible will know the data then back that up and including the fact that their own team here actually decided that they shouldn't take action trying to scam and see if i can find it really quickly but the point is they all collected and voted and they said well. We don't have enough evidence. We don't know what's really going on here. And niels ferguson is the one who went on the news yes as right here notably while most nerve tag members opposed the sort of immediate action. That johnson announced following their meeting right so the team the group. That's the abbreviation is nerve tag. That's collected in order to vote on this. The majority of them said no no no..

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