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He did this now, and I been on the record of saying if it's been proven that you have committed an act of domestic violence then. Yeah. Football should be taken away from you sports should be taken away from you. But if you have. Where they say bad tweets, not as much and this is where our. Society. I think does succeed in that there should be nuance there, and we should be able to differentiate between murder and a bad tweet. Okay. This led me right to where I wanna go. With what you should do with their head coach situation. I'll get into that next. Ben Lyons in for me there. I'll show you ESPN LA Mason in Ireland show. Ben Lyons is information and SARS taking a picture of my Starbucks Cup grand ice latte for Ennis. That was made. Today was nice. I confused Nick anchors day mix Lakers day today. Garcetti give a key to manual moody. Yeah. Don't see that happening. Now the game tonight, by the way on our air. Why win for the Lakers is not a must win losing to the Knicks. How many players do you want to take off the board for Lakers? Let's say who's been isn't play. That would mean, no coups MMA. On board for the Knicks. What are you talking about? They were within one with like three minutes ago last night in Denver Mitchell Robinson, twenty years. Frank twenty years old knocks nineteen and a bunch of teenagers and kids who can't drink. Right. But sometimes if the Lakers are going to match them young guy for you Evita's zoo bots is going to play major minutes tonight. Yes. Those Noah von lay. So you guys should be. All right. Okay. So UCLA needs a coach. And so I was texting with a friend of mine who I went to UCLA with last night. And he was frustrated he said what have Earl Watson and Fred Hoiberg done to be considered for the UCLA job. And my answer was that the only question these young kids ask these kids, you're talking about seventeen eighteen nineteen year old kids when when you go into their living room to recruit them, the first thing, they ask is can you get me to the NBA both Earl Watson, and Fred Hoiberg. Played in the NBA and were head coaches in the NBA. So they're on the list. But Ben when I suggested this five six years ago. People thought I was crazy. And then even two years ago when he got swept up in scandal. People thought I was crazy, but why wouldn't UCLA call Rick Pitino. I'm gonna raise your UCLA, John. Here's dick Vitale who is the face of college basketball tweeted this on New Year's day. Read it read it as key. Okay. I I can't get that though. Something get excited. Cited forty cactus UCLA love. Please give them. Because dead Guerrero, who eggs, spray respect you. Rick potato the big ten relevant programming to. Yes. It takes on a to get that. But he would be. Wasn't terrible. Those great shows that was your. I'm very excited about all. Right. I mean on fifteen on. Rocko going on in the dorm sign up. It's just my putting yesterday to who is very uncomfortable with this conversation, we NY Mike Trudell got on creed. You won't be because you're not as much of a straight arrow is today. The Rick Pitino is has character issues. He has off the court issues, but Ben all of his off the court character issues are related to sex everybody lies about sex. Bill Clinton was a good president that just are looking at it on a surface level. John, right. Tell me why the the situation in the Italian restaurants are cheating about sex at right? It's about the players to. Okay. It's about the kids about raising young men. It's about being educator, and that's so often forgotten college basketball and college sports, but it's why I have issues with urban Meyer. It's why I've issues Rick Pitino. Can I can't give you a counter to that? Sure. Okay. Rick Pitino whose when you have that going know, the number one guy UCLA in the dorms for the players, but this so you're seeing it you've created a culture that doesn't stand for the things that need to somehow in this. So your point ruptured and Adidas money, and all that stuff still needs to permeate on some level because you are helping to raise another person's soon, you're afraid that.

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