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Dan by dumb banned from middle school. I was like fourteen when i made that fourteen year. Old bitch when record in a shower on like a teac four track mixer. It was great. Those were the days on the. We have chris maloney who. Hey oh all right. We're almost done with the shows or anything that we need to get in there before we finish the show because we had mastered ken in our last segment. those that are on the online stream. Didn't get to see or hear it but we will soon. We actually have videos. We're doing here so yeah. Is there anything that oh yeah. He never sent to the video. We're just waiting on the video weightier. We'll just do it for one of these days and just play it like it but is there anything news or anything that you want to add or reviews they wanna throw in because we're at the end of the show already. the show. Flu binder smarter talk real quick at disney plus for for my vast difference -pointment this week in the new show marvel legends. We'll happen A lot of people seem to share my sentiment on the on the interwebs but They built this kind of as as a a history or background on characters to give you a little bit more information more going into you know their new shows that are coming out since one division is premiering this week The first two episodes were wanda maximov and division However these were basically just like fans super cuts of all the movies that have come out so far episodes like a total of like seven minutes tops. And it's just like a clips package of all their appearances in the marvel cinematic universe so far it's like the cliff's notes version of the. Oh nobody actually like sat down and did a whole quick documentary. There's no interviewing anybody know like who came up with these characters and you know what was their inspiration note. It's just a clip show of the important moments throughout the twentieth. Six movies or so that we've had so far. Yeah the only quipped clip show that i actually enjoyed. Was i think. The second episode of the clerks animated series I enjoyed the joke. In the first episode. where they said previously on clerks excrete. Yes that's great. I love the what was it. This was the second episode right that they had the clip show episode with a clip show. Because they get caught in the freezer and they keep making the ice planet hot references. Yeah that's what. I was such a good show and it needs to be brought back. They were going up against Survivor the very first season. Yeah was like after the super bowl and it was a weird time slot and they only let it run for like two weeks before they cancelled it. Yeah they got to the clip show and everyone was like what the hell is this. But it's so clever and ridiculous. Yeah i'm down with that show. They should relaunch it. I bet you they could get it. Launched again on like netflix. Or no adult. What's call it. Amazon would totally do it. Because kevin smith is on everything amazon. Speaking of kevin smith awhile. He's kevin smith's men hosting a virtual things this last year and he's also doing the critics choice award super award thing tonight. The super awards tonight on. I don't know. W i think yeah in lilly. She did a song and she acted and the heroes movie where it has a bunch of kids and apparently it's like number one or number two family movie. I'm just like how is it. That i feel like i'm watching so much stuff but yeah i can. I can still miss like the number one thing that like mainstream family people are watching. And that's probably you would have snap that up isn't that the sequel to shirk boy in lover girl. Yes i think so. Yeah yeah. The robert aurora. Yes yes so. I was looking up the instagram's yesterday and that's basically how i found out that i'm behind and really really behind and so i'll i'll have to get with it at some point but just through the instagram postings of the actors and the kids and all the kids that are tagging roberto rodriguez and they're like thank you so much you're using for making this possible and blah blah blah blah blah So all these kids are super excited that they have a chance of like losing their childhood and now becoming a a young actor. Much you ready to lose your childhood. Hey chemical ali kokin like host camps here on like how to be a kid and like not try to work. If you're under the age of twelve. I think like around teenagers. That's kind of okay. I mean i started babysitting and being pretty full-time watching three to four kids regularly during the week at thirteen fourteen years old and then by the time. Oh seventeen or hudson you know. I think the the kids that got big really quick when crazy calling is just very more. His podcast bunny ears. There's a little show. Yeah can you tag bunny ears and tell them you want director's cut radio and macaulay culkin's podcast just mash up somewhere under the show. We're done beats no tweet us might've dan. thanks. Chris love you. That was very fast. Show for some odd reason went by quick directors. Cuck so good. Even your neighbors had a cigarette. Director's cut radio dot com..

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