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So I started getting really interested in prostates wanting to kind of help people that you needed additional help outside of. Being Super, rockstar athletes to help them in their daily lives and so robotics was sort of that pathway for me. My senior design project ended up being a surgical robot and then I ended up getting into Carnegie Mellon at the Robotics Institute which is where I almost went to Grad School and then the University of Utah in my husband and I. Boyfriend at the time looked at each other and said, we should go skiing. So, Kinda took that wildcard robotics institute was number one ended the US at the time but decided to go out to Utah where they had just one anger from the NSF in robotics, and so I was in the bio engineering department and kind of hybrid into mechanical engineering. So I really took courses and had faculty the Committee from both worlds and I was able to do there was. My my PhD was focused on spinal cord injuries and what we were working on with functional electrical stimulation, supporting an array of electrodes and putting them into the peripheral muscles, and then stimulating those and my job was to figure out what the mechanics looked like. So creating models of the limb and then creating control algorithms to figure out how we can control this limbs yet somebody to go from sitting to standing. And to do it in a way that they didn't get tired while they were standing because the way our muscles work. If you contract one all the way, you might get yourself to go into a specific movement but then that muscles eventually wanting to fatigue and you can't can't sustain it. So what does that look like as well? I know I remember when I took an adapted class. In my undergraduate degree we had a student on campus. This is a very small college Gettysburg College who had lost above the knee amputation due to bone cancer and he came in and talked to are adapted class that know seen him around campus and he played pick up basketball with but I never realized one of the things he said you can probably correct me on this by numbers are off that. He said he typically took him. Almost twice as much energy to play basketball save for forty five minutes than somebody like me who was able if that's the correct term I remember that time thinking that's just absolutely amazing. Yeah for sure I, mean, there's a lot of things that we take for granted I think and things that we probably don't understand There's definitely opportunities out there to learn and then to figure out how we can take those in improve people's lives and and help them out in one of the people who's really inspired me was. Dr Hugh Her from the He's I think he was at mit I could be incorrect. A Harvard but he was an amputee himself and has really made significant strides in the way that we look at prosthetics, ankle movement and those types of things so..

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