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Right way you know maybe not opening up as fast as I would like but more importantly never shutting it down never shutting they restaurants were shut down for a week or two in Florida, and then they started to open back up in phases. Right Way to do it. The Santa's already said I don't care what the numbers are. We're not closing down again we know it didn't work. By the way, this is mutating itself out absolutely mutating itself out I. We you can send me all the doctors you I'd love to talk to Him we are taught, and then we'll come on we are talking to frontline Cova doctors talked to him in Buffalo New York and they have said the same thing. Mike. The cases that did come in in the beginning tough they were taught there was some cases people have in real trouble breathing not happening anymore not happening what's happening they're coming in and they're gonNa Annal feel that hot now go we'll outlets to. Guess what you've got Cova. Coleman a diet. Now, you're not GonNa die take vitamin C. maybe a little vitamin D go home for a week by Friday you can have a glass of wine you'll be fine, right? It is absolutely mutating itself again, another story that nobody's going to tell you on the left the mainstream media is not going to go out and Inter, how is that possible by the way for those of you watching in Buffalo New York Channel Two, four, seven spectrum how are you not interview one frontline doctors sharing this story with it? Do. Well could only fit their narrative right. So as I was Gonna say I mean you're up you but. We've had Dr Eric's we've had I can't think of the woman's name. She's fantastic out of Ohio. Pamela Hopper who Dr Papa we've had. We've had a few folks on, but you know we've also reached out to some of the folks at University of Buffalo. For example, there's one guy in a former professor whatever he is, I, don't know what credentials but he cites slopes which tells me he hasn't. You know they have very good credentials but nevertheless, he's always out there a lot of these guys talking about I've invited him on several times. Come on the air. Yeah. Come on the radio show come on the PODCAST. You know whatever you're comfortable with..

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