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Five seven twenty four ten sixty that we've got the lights out at Tyson and the Boulevard to keep your eyes out for that in the game I W. twenty four hour traffic center I'm Stevie reeks now the eyewitness weather five day forecast with CVS meteorologist if any Savonia feeling very summer like on this first day of fall we'll see a mix of sun and clouds this afternoon it will be hot humid and breezy at times of highs around ninety degrees a cold front will bring us the chance for a few hit or miss showers and thunderstorms tonight. an overnight but then things quiet down by early Tuesday morning as temperatures start off in the mid sixties Tuesday looking more comfortable less humid highs around seventy seven degrees Wednesday lots of sunshine highs around eighty or warming up even more on Thursday mid eighties with the slight chance for a late day shower or storm and we call it back down on Friday with high dropping into the upper seventies right now eighty degrees on this first day of fall going up to ninety in the sunshine many thought the world's oldest travel agency was too big to fail but Britain's Thomas cook has collapsed under financial pressure and that has left hundreds of thousands of people without travel plans six hundred thousand people on Thomas cook towards now stranded in about eighteen countries thousands more now can't begin the vacations they already paid for itself I am in the morning they told us about the quality got go head to snow planes available because of brexit concerns a very warm summer in England which meant fewer people left the country and the power of the US dollar Tom street found cells in deep trouble CBS news travel editor Peter Greenberg Thomas cook practically invented the travel agency back in eighteen forty one aviation official Deirdre Hutton this is the world's oldest travel company it is incredibly sad to see it go like this twenty two thousand Thomas cook employees now jobless Vicki Barker CBS news London don't be surprised to see police officers around railroad tracks in the area tomorrow he would W's Mike denardo reports as part of a national effort to keep people away from those tracks in the last four years thirty three people have been killed either driving or walking across scepter regional rail tracks set the transit police are among the agencies nationwide on special detail tomorrow watching grade crossings urging people to stay off the tracks and issuing warnings or citations if they don't lieutenant gyms okay commander of the set the police special operations division says his officers will be stationed at two particularly troublesome stations and. and fern rock where streets dead end into tracks that's always been one of our highest areas of trespass across the tracks that Ambler within the last six months we received like I said we we see a lot of complaints the national effort entitled operation clear track is being coordinated by Amtrak police Mike denardo K. whatever the news radio Israel's president will meet with prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and rival Benny guns the night in hopes of ending the impasse over last week's election correspondent Oren Liebermann reports Arab leaders have thrown their support behind one of the candidates join this made up of the Arab parties decided they would recommend Betty guns as the next prime minister only once in the history of the country have the Arab parties made a recommendation for prime minister and that was twenty seven years ago back in nineteen ninety two the recommended Yitzhak Rabin who campaigned on a platform of peace with the Palestinians fast forward to today it is a major milestone if they decide to do so especially because it is a pro Israel sinus party led by Benny guns their.

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